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I can't complete the Phrases 2 Skill. Russian moderator please read this.

I took this screenshot. This is the only sentence the skill gives me, and it tell me it's incorrect. I have even tried copy-and-pasting the "correct" answer and I'm still marked incorrect. I have reported the problem as should being accepted.

November 4, 2015



I recall not putting the quotation marks and getting it correct


Yeah, they probably handle the quatation marks wrong. I reported that. For the time being, just use " " instead


I don't remember having this problem… Did you try without quotation marks at all ? (Как сказать здравствуйте ?) I think that being lazy at that time I typed it like that and it worked…


I have the same problem occasionally, though I never type in any punctuation (bad habit I know, but everything is more convenient this way when you are alternating between four different typing systems on your windows and your real keyboard only has English printed on it)


Off-topic (but asking due to your screenshot):

I have not started Russian yet. Are the quotation marks double less than & greater than signs, like << and >>, or are they something else?


I just try to stick to standard Russian punctuation in the sentences. That's what you see in books, articles and, basically, in every place where a person watches the typographic standards.

In mesaging and e-mails, though, people use - and "" instead of — and «» because the latter are not on the keyboard anywhere.


They are not double inequality signs; they are the actual thing. If you're on a Mac, hold the "option" key, and hit the | key, right beside the } and { keys. For the other direction, hold own "option + shift"

They should look like this: «»

Using inequality signs would look like: <<>>

Side by side for the difference: <<«»>>


From what I can tell, most people just use quotation marks online becuase they're easy. Formally, people use «», and also „“ (that is, the first quote is at the bottom, the second at the top) in hand written stuff.

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