"Это дом."

Translation:This is a house.

November 4, 2015

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First of all, shame on anyone who is being negative about grammar not being totally correct. This is an open resource and free, and I'm very grateful to the people who put it together. As someone who has taught English, I abhor shaming tactics. If you see English grammatical problems in translations, simply report them and say something civil about it in the comments. Don't get nasty, it's totally uncalled for.

That having been said, it's an easy mistake to make. Many Americans tend to talk fast when it comes to contractions or words that sound like them. But contractions are only for nouns. This, that, these, those are all demonstrative pronouns, and don't qualify to get a contraction or apostrophe because they can't be possessive and there's nothing to contract there, either.


Contractions are only for nouns? That can't be right. :P


I meant apostrophes or any of their uses. I have been sleep deprived all week working on a website project...I clarified it above. Basically I meant it's easy to mistake This's as a word you might have in English because one might assume that this + is could be contracted but they can't, nor can they be possessive apostrophes. I meant to say you couldn't do either one. I need more sleep.


I'm not sure I get what you're saying. "This is" doesn't get contracted, but presumably because it wouldn't sound any different anyway. "That's" is valid, and "these / those" don't get "'s" because they're plural, and get "'re" instead (although they would only be contracted in informal writing, or to imitate a person's speech).


But thats may teach new people wrong information , right ?


Это is pronounced "eto" and sometimes "eta", right (according to the previous questions)? I've read somewhere that the O (amongst other letters) change their sound depending if they are stressed or not. I can understand that. But, is there a way to know when a word/syllable is stressed and when it's not? Or, is it just practice?


Unless there are accents written you generally have to know. Usually if an o is in the end of a word it is unstressed, and depending on declension the stress can move in the word. There are rules about where stress is in words but they can be very complicated, I'd suggest looking in a Dictionary, these will have the accents written.


The word "это" is always pronounced like "эта". "о" is never stressed in that word.


I am russian and never pronounce "eta". It may be half-silent "o", but still "o".

"Eta" is a bit another word. Эта женщина - this woman.


So how do you say "This house"?


Is there any way to differentiate "This is a house" from "This is the house" or is it purely contextual?


There is no definite article for 'a' or 'the'. Literally это/т дом = this house. So yes the article a, or the is assumed by context. On here is may be easier to assume for now they mean 'this is a'


So it can mean "this house" as well as "this is a/the house"?

(Btw, small point - "the" and "a" are both articles, but only "the" is a definite article) :)


Это дом means only "this is a/the house" and you would only be able to tell which article to use from the context. "This house" would be этот дом.

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Thank you, this is exactly what I wanted to clarify.


I type "It's house", they told me I was wrong. Correct solutions: • It's home. • This is a house.


In this sentence это acts as a pronoun "this is" and not as an adjective so the sentence can only be translated as "this is a/the house"
Here is a good explanation of how to use это: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858


How do you type in russian letters?


Windows 8 (and presumably 10) has a keyboard manager built in. You can just download the Russian/Cyrillic keyboards there and then Win+space to switch between them.


Is there meaning added to this sentence dependent on the way someone would pronounce this sentence, timing of a reply to someone, body language, etc that would add context besides -this house-...? Or would this sentence only be used in a type of situation where someone simply asked which house? - answer - this house. ..? ..Because we are only in the beginner lesson and simply paining two words together and not elaborate sentences yet.


This sentence does not mean "this house" it means "this is a/the house." You would need to use context to determine if it's "a house" or "the house."
If you'd like to learn more about это and how it used, this is an informative post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858


In another question where we had to listen to and translate a speaker (Mama, this is Dima, a medic) special emphasis seemed to be on the pauses between 'mama' and 'Dima' signifying that 'this is' was meant to be between the words. When 'eto dom' is spoken, should a pause be between the words as well? Thank you to anyone who can clarify this for me.


No, you don't need a pause between Это and дом.


is there a difference from eto dom being this is a house, opposed to this is home?


No, this sentence can mean both. Though provided context, you would be able to tell which meaning was intended.


I said "this house" and it said it was wrong. Why is that wrong?


In this sentence это acts as a pronoun "this is" and not as an adjective so the sentence can only be translated as "this is a/the house" Here is a good explanation of how to use это: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858


Hey when it says write it in russian how do u write it in russian when u dont have the keyboard for it?


You should have a keyboard manager in your computer settings that will allow you to add keyboards for other languages such as Russian.


What is the difference between это and этот?


этот means "this" and it's used to define nouns only of the masculine gender, for example этот стол - this table (not a full sentence!)

This "this __" for feminine nouns is эта (эта машина - this car) and for neuter nouns это (это пиво - this beer).

Это means "This is ___." It is used with any words, and it forms a full sentence. Это стол. - This is a table. Это машина. - This is a car. Это пиво. - This is beer. Это хорошо. - This is good. Это не стол. - This is not a table.


Can you tell the difference between это and этот please ?


Please, help me! I need russian alphabet! How can I do it? Thank you!


Get the app on moble and you can learn the alphabet


And if I were to say that this is home, would this not be written the same?


Hello i do t have a russian keyboard can you help me


Look at the tips in the first lesson


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