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  5. "See you soon."

"See you soon."

Translation:До скорого.

November 4, 2015



Is the г in скорого pronounced as a в, like in его?


Yes. As user olimo said in another thread, г will sound like 'V' (в) in these cases: "In ого/его endings and in 'сегодня'." "Сегодня" is pronounced that way because it used to be written "сего дня" previously, thus ending in -его, according to user yarjka.


Good way - speak as writed.


Would до свиданя be an acceptable alternative?


До свидания implies a prolonged goodbye, usually used when you won't be seeing someone again soon.


No, that doesn't fit what KyleDumovic just explained. Further, I can tell you Duo doesn't accept it. That is why I opened this page -- I got it wrong... :(


How should "До" be pronounced?


In До скорого, Just as да ("da") as in "yes" is pronounced. In other cases, the о would be pronounced as the "oa" in oar (like what you use to row a boat).


До скорого свидания literary means See you soon. До скорого - less formal version. But I would recommend to accept the fuller form as well.


Google translate implies that До means till or until and скорого means swift or fast So it means until (we need in) the near future Yes?


Вообще то в Росии так почти никто не говорит, до скорого, если бы мне кто-то сказал до скорого, я бы сильно удивился, и подумал бы что человек из глубокой русской деревни, скоро увидимся, или просто увидимся, что тоже подразумевает, что мы говорим не прощай, или не знаю увидимся ли снова, а пожразумевает, что мы снова увидимся в какое то не очень отдаленное время. See you soon можно перевести как и просто до видания, и на худой конец даже как до скорого свидания, если вы так настаиваете на вклюжение обязательности перевода наречия soon, но звучит это не вполне по русски.


I guess you're right.


Москвич в 3-ем поколении, употребляю это выражение всю жизнь, с детства. Региональные особенности?


what does скорого mean?


In my understanding when using a word "скорого", you need a noun, which "скорого" is describing. So I would say "свидания" is missing. I am from Slovakia and we have a similar word here, and it for sure can't be used separately. The proposed answer sounds more like "Till soon"... but I am missing - soon what??


I am also from Slovakia and I put "до свидания скорого" which was marked wrong. I think it is probably simply different idiom in Russian than in our language.


I am from Poland and it makes perfect sense in day to day speech to say до скорого, we have a phrase 'narazie' as a bye/see you which literally means "for now", having said that, a Russian "for next" or "till next" sounds perfectly fine as it is, an informal phrase you would say as a quick "laters" (part of 'see you later' as we say in England among my friends) or "see you". Quick, informal.


I would say that Polish informal "do rychłego (zobaczenia)" translates Russian phrase even better. As to Slovak language one may say "Uvidíme sa skoro" or only "Uvidíme sa!" so in this case Slovak people also omit a certain word.


why do they pronounce 'скорого' as skorova instead of skoroga ?


Because when the word ends in ого or его (I believe) then the г sounds like a "V"


There are other ways to say this




Да, "До скорого" - есть такая фраза, но ее почти никто не применяет. Очень редко. А вот "Увидимся" - нормальная фраза Русского Языка. Вообще, я сейчас изучаю Английский и у меня возникает вопрос: насколько адекватно он нам преподаётся? Судя по тому, что я вижу здесь, люди, составояющие курс не всегда находятся в теме.


До скорого - вполне применяется в Москве. Возможно региональные особенности?


no able to enter Cyrillic characters


Use the word bank, or get a Cyrillic keyboard. On a Mac at least, it's really easy. Easy to install, easy to toggle back and forth between keyboards, and easy to use because they have a virtual keyboard so you can see where the characters are. I use a phonetic version, meaning their F is in the same QWERTY spot as ours, not the Russian one, where the letters are in totally different places. It's probably easy on a PC too. Just google it.


Hey this is incorrect!


до sounds like да whats going on


До скорого свидания and до скорого are both the correct option here


Where is the tonic accent in скорого?


До встречи? Shouldn't see you soon be до скорого


What does до встречи mean?


It means see you.


How do you tell when г is pronounced "g" or "v"?


I am confused as to the origin of this? My friend, who is a native speaker from Siberia told me this is wrong. I asked if perhaps it was a regional difference between eastern Russian and western Russian. He, in turn, asked an army buddy of his who was from the Moscow area. His friend had never heard it used either. He suggested Увидимся or До скорой встречи as both more correct and definitely more common. So does anyone know where this came from?


Мне "до скорого" слух не режет, воспринимается нормально.


what's the difference between да and до?


what is the difference between до скорого and увидимся? are they interchangeable?


"До скорого"- i typed in the exact phrase but it still won't accept it. Is tgere a glitch ?


Дословно УВИДИМСЯ ПОЗЖЕ не приняли. Как так?


What is the difference between до скорого and до свидания?


До свидания - universal and official form, до скорого or пока! or увидимся! - informal friendly form.

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