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  5. "Bist du im Gleichgewicht?"

"Bist du im Gleichgewicht?"

Translation:Are you balanced?

November 4, 2015



Gleich = same ; Gewicht = weight ; Gleichgewicht = balance. Lovely German.


I can't think of any likely context where someone would say that in English. Is it similar to asking "Are you at peace (with yourself)?"


In English, I think you've got the right idea in terms of more used expressions. Are you calm, cool, and collected? The comment above about Chakras then gets at the usage for those engaged in more advanced personal development work, "You seem emotionally balanced" and as the other user stated above, "at peace with yourself." A look at reverso turned up the expression Gleichgewicht der Kraefte, "the balance of power."


Watch the movie "Equilibrium." It is said, in English, more than a few times.


Yeah, is that not a science fiction film? We could also say, "Beam me up" is an English expression (Star Trek)


I was thinking maybe with Chakras and how people believe you need to balance them, but IDK enough about that stuff to truly talk about them.


I frequently ask that while teaching a ski lesson. I imaging dance, gymnastics, gaijin, etc teachers do too.


Tangentially, would this sentence be applicable here as well I wonder


This is an abstract noun meaning balance or equilibrium in English. It really needs context and an adjective to make sense of the meaning.

Reverso gives these examples

Hier sollte ein stabiles Gleichgewicht gefunden werden, also denken Sie bitte daran, wenn Sie an die Arbeit gehen. There is a very fine balance to be struck here, so think about this when you get down to work.

Vor dreieinhalb Jahren in Amsterdam konnte das schwierige Gleichgewicht zwischen Repräsentativität und Effizienz nicht gefunden werden. In Amsterdam, three and a half years ago, it proved impossible to achieve the tricky balance between being representative and being effective.


Very useful. Thank you.


    Outside of a spiritual context, would this phrase (in German) also be used to ask about physical stability? i.e. carrying large bags in each hand, passing something to someone standing on a ladder, etc? The other comment about ski instruction was based on the English sentence, I believe.


    How can this sentence be used in spiritual/religious context?


    "Is your qi balanced?" is how I interpret "Are you balanced" in a spiritual sense.


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    Perhaps "all your inner forces/feelings/energies/whatevers in harmony/equilibrium"?


    Is this how you ask if someone is not drunk (and out of their senses)? I'm curious - how would that be phrased?


    If someone is insane i would ask "Bist du irre?" = "Are you crazy?" . but "Bist du im Gleichgewicht" can not be used in that way. i think "Bist du im Gleichgewicht" is a weird sentence and i don't use it as a german speaker.


    Can anyone provide any information on the contextual differences between "Gleichgewicht" and "ausgewogen"? (apart from the obvious noun/adjective distinction).


    Can we say "Sind die Kraften im Gleichgewicht?"


    die kräfte. yes, you can say that.


    What suprised me is that there is a definite article before Gleichgewicht. Strange for my non-German ears.


    This does put a smile on my face.


    "Das Gleichgewicht wird zum Verlust, Lässt sie dich hart zum Boden gehen"


    I put, "Are you even?" which would be in the context of getting back at someone in some context, usually youngsters.


    Hovering the word "Gleichgewicht" shown me that it means "even". At first I thought it means "Do you even", lol

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