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Duolingo Russian Memrise Companion

Hello people of Duolingo! I am here today to announce an ongoing project of mine that I have literally just started today, which is a Memrise companion course for the newly released Russian course!

The reason I'm posting about it is because I know that many people have advanced quite a bit farther than me (Basics 1 ftw), as I try to thoroughly learn everything before I continue so I'm, like, super slow, therefore if someone would like to dedicate a bit of time basically copy-pasting words into the Memrise lesson templates, that would be great!

I currently have the lessons "Alphabet" and "Basics 1" copied over to Memrise.

Let me know if you're interested!

Thanks for reading,

-- Tunglskin the enthusiastic Russian learner.

November 4, 2015



You might want to get in touch with the creator of this course http://www.memrise.com/course/378212/duolingo-russian-full-audio/ she originally made it as a course for the English for Russian speakers, and is planning to alter the course so it fits the Russian for English speakers. Personally I think it's a shame for her to destroy her old course to make the new one as it would be a good companion for people wishing to do the reverse course.

Maybe you want to work together to create the memrise course? I think a memrise course would be a great companion for this and will take a lot of time to creat, so thanks! That other course uses shady_ark as the audio, he has a very good clear voice.


I just messaged Tunglskin. I'd prefer to keep my course as is and I'm not able to contribute to a new one. I haven't finished making mine, and it is a lot of work adding the new words, but it's easier that at least I already have (for example) half of the animals skill done from before. It would be a lot more work re-starting from scratch. I was also a member of the duolingo bonus skills creation team and made a bunch of bonus skills specific to my course.

If people want to contribute or have ideas for mine, I'm certainly open to hearing them. I'm trying to create new levels that correspond to duo's lessons in the new tree, but it doesn't always work (like the lesson on accusative - I was already incorporating it into basics 1 as the reverse course does).

I want my course to be more comprehensive then the Eng -> Rus tree. I also add words/phrases that I come across in reading or Russian media that I think would be helpful, since I have the opportunity to get the audio from Shady_arc and it's such great quality. I downloaded some textbooks and I'm going to add more example sentences for some of the cases. It isn't really a course that is just a straight up vocabulary list, and I'm sure some people do want that so I'm sure some people would be interested in a new course.


Thank you for mentioning my course. I am female btw. No big deal, but it feels weird being referred to as "he." :D


Great idea! I'll definitely try to get in touch with the creator and see if she would like to help with the reverse Memrise course, as I would also hate to see her destroy a perfectly awesome already created course. Also, good audio is quite hard to get you hands on unless you have a native speaker to work with.

Thanks for letting me know about this! #lingotsforyou


This is a great idea and something I've thought about myself. I know there is a memrise companion for the German taught here on duolingo and would love a memrise companion. I am a bit slow myself in really learning these languages but love it just the same. Could you provide a direct link to your course on memrise? There are many Russian learning courses to pick from.
Thank you :) Scott


Sure thing! I have up to like 1/2 way through Phrases 1. Here's the link:


P.S: If you'd like to contribute, let me know!


Hi Tunglskin :) I tried addinng Phrases 2, Lesson 1 which has to do with "Name & Polite You" - words like Privet & Zdravstvuite. I was trying to make the names match up with duolingo and created a database called Phrases 2 - Lesson 1 then put in about a dozen words but am not sure those words were saved because I don't see them in the course.
I do see Phrases 1 in the course but there are 5 lessons within Phrases 1 in the duolingo course ...I'll keep messing with it - got a day off work and the first lesson of Phrases 2 is kind of short so I thought it would be a good one to practice with.

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