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Anyone studying only Russian?

Anyone here studying only Russian and planning on continually working there way through the tree? I would like to follow some people if they are so I can try to keep track of their scores vs mine.

November 4, 2015



I am studying Russian only. Feel free to follow my progress, I will follow yours!


Cool. I have followed you :)


I'm currently only studying Russian, though as evidenced by my profile I'm kind of a dilettante in general 8-o


Me, too. Rosemary/Розалия. Please let's all follow each other! :)


Yep, I am. I started playing with Duolingo to try to refresh my spanish and I started learning French, but I abandoned the french when I saw Russian was coming "soon". Now I'm only doing Russian till I finish the tree and will keep doing the strengthening exercises until I'm good enough to understand most of what my inlaws say.


Russian wife? Nice ;)


Well, she was born here in the US and although I've had people remark that she looks "vaguely exotic", she doesn't really come off as anything other than a normal American. She can't help me with my russian other than being faster than looking up a word in a dictionary. Her grammar is just "what sounds right" and she doesn't know any of the rules.


No, I'm studying German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, French. And I WANNA MORE LANGUAGES

I speak spanish


Mostly just Russian over here. I might dabble in German once in a while.

My Russian progress will almost certainly be slower than yours, though :-)


Thanks for the lingot :)


Russian only :)


Great, I have followed you :)


Yes, I'm studying only Russian, I've studied on and off for several months so I'm making fairly quick progress at first.


I'm another Russian only learner you can follow :-)


I'm just starting Duolingo Russian and will be doing some each day. I studied Russian for 2 years a long while ago, so not sure how fast I'll catch up (I do have a day job), but I'll follow you.


Currently focusing on Russian only, but I plan to pick up Spanish again soon. I'm also interested in following people who are learning the same language as me - it keeps me motivated!


i wish i was learning only russian. all these languages have destroyed my english talking abilties.


Russian only for me! I'll probably seem a bit of a slowpoke because I'm also working on it with a book outside of duolingo (Russian For Dummies is surprisingly not bad, I am thankful that it has noun case tables).


That's my plan :)


I'm a little late to the party but, yes, on DL I am only studying Russian and plan to do so (not counting maybe starting RU>EN) until my Russian tree is complete. However, I am not studying Russian only on DL so I'm going slowly on here to make time for my other resources.


Hi. Just out of interest, what other resources are using. Like you, I use other study methods (mainly Skype lessons, the Routledge intensive Russian and Penguin complete Russian Course books and a frequency dictionary). I then use Duolingo to practice and reinforce what I've learnt. Which resource do you find most beneficial for your learning?


Currently just learnrussian.rt.com and flashcards I make on Memrise. I might add the Princeton Russian course at some point and I want to use more 'organic' resources once I gain more knowledge in Russian.


I am only doing Russian until I get up to a B2 Level. I am a beginner that started last summer.


i am only studying russian on duolingo


Hi, I studing only russian till the tree will be completed. My main born language is czech or slovak. Anyone who want follow me will be apriciated. Thanks :)

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