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Anyone studying only Russian?

Anyone here studying only Russian and planning on continually working there way through the tree? I would like to follow some people if they are so I can try to keep track of their scores vs mine.

November 4, 2015



I am studying Russian only. Feel free to follow my progress, I will follow yours!


Cool. I have followed you :)


I'm currently only studying Russian, though as evidenced by my profile I'm kind of a dilettante in general 8-o


Yep, I am. I started playing with Duolingo to try to refresh my spanish and I started learning French, but I abandoned the french when I saw Russian was coming "soon". Now I'm only doing Russian till I finish the tree and will keep doing the strengthening exercises until I'm good enough to understand most of what my inlaws say.


Russian wife? Nice ;)


No, I'm studying German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, French. And I WANNA MORE LANGUAGES

I speak spanish


Mostly just Russian over here. I might dabble in German once in a while.

My Russian progress will almost certainly be slower than yours, though :-)


Thanks for the lingot :)

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