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  5. "Как это сказать?"

"Как это сказать?"

Translation:How do you say this?

November 4, 2015



'How is it said' is wrong. why?


Yes, I report this where I find it. Please do so too and perhaps it'll mean enough votes for it to change.


"Said" is past tense, "сказать" is present tense


"Said" is not past tense in this situation. Passive sentence construction use past tense verbs but are not actually in past tense.


Next time, try "How is this said"

I'm not sure if that will work, but Duo seems to prefer "this" over "it" when using это.


"How is this said" is not accepted.


Does this mean that, in order to make a generic "you" construction in Russian, you just leave the verb as an infinitive?

Like, English sometimes uses "one" as a pronoun, though it sounds a bit old-fashioned ("One can find plenty of fine-dining restuarants on Main Street"); I've seen it in German as "man" ("Man soll niemals 'nie' sagen":"[One should] never say 'never'"), in Dutch as "men" ("Wat men moet leren doen, leert men door te doen":"What one must learn to do, one learns by doing"), and I think it's "on" in French, though I didn't get that far in the course.


How about "How is this said?" It said I was wrong when I used this.


Would it be ok to switch the word order and say "как сказать это" instead?


How would you say in Russian: how is this called??


Kак сказать это? would mean "How do you say "this""?


At Forvo Pronunciation, audio clips of apparent native speakers indicates that the T at the end of сказать is actually pronounced, unlike the audio here. Reporting this as an error in the audio.

See: https://forvo.com/search/%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0%D0%B7%D0%B0%D1%82%D1%8C/


Seems like "how do i say this" is actually more accurate than "how do you say this" but it's counted wrong.


Yep. Hat the same problem. Nothing seems to indicate wether it's 'Me' or 'You' - and for my taste 'I' feels more natural.


Literal English translation comes out to "how this to say?"

Keep in mind that: 1) Russian doesn't have the same prepositions that English does 2) What you say in Russian is often dependent on and able to be understood based on the context. Asking someone this, they would understand that you were the one asking so you don't need to clarify that in how you say it. Hope that makes sense.


I thinks, this software sometimes confuse me, but nothing is impossible to learn, only left brace yourself.


How is "How do I say this?" wrong?


Is the translation "How can I tell this?" wrong?


You should've used the word "say" instead of "tell"


"How do i say that?" Was rejected for some reason.


I think the use of a first person is incorret in this example. I understand it as, in spanish: "como se dice eso?", not "como digo eso?"


How can i say it? Or how to say it?


shouldn't это be written as either этот or эта depending on whether сказать is masculine or feminine? The это there seems indeclinable but the translation of an indeclinable это would be 'this is' 'it is', etc.


it is the form of to say isn't ? But the 'action' isn't in the past and not finished

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How is this said?


How to say this? Was successful should anyone want to know...

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