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  5. "I am reading for an hour."

"I am reading for an hour."

Translation:Jeg leser i en time.

November 4, 2015



So, what would be "I am reading IN an hour"? I would've said "jeg leser i en time"...


"Jeg [leser/skal lese] om en time".


Bare hyggelig! :)


Why is "Jeg leser for en time" not correct?


Prepositions don't always translate directly. 'for' = 'i' in this context (time).


why I can't use om?


Because that would change the meaning of the sentence (see PunkyTaurus' post and my response above).


I'm not sure I understand the meaning here (in English). Is it, for example, when someone declares their about to be reading for an hour? I feel confused, because it's not like "I have been reading for an hour". If anyone can clarify it to me, thanks in advance :)


It might depend on context, but the way I read it at least, it could be expressing immediate intention (= I am going to read for an hour) or stating how long I am going to continue something I have started (= I am in the middle of an hour's reading time). There could also be an implied "so don't bother me until I'm done." Whatever the case, the emphasis seems to be mainly on the duration of the time, so the point in time that is happening/going to happen is less important, or clear from the context.


it could mean some time in the future as well, with no context

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