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  5. "Вот моё полотенце."

"Вот моё полотенце."

Translation:Here is my towel.

November 4, 2015



Is there any particular reason for this phrase to appear in the plurals module?


Yes, to ensure users are able to differentiate between plural and singular. I know it tripped me up at least once.


it is very hard to distinguish мои and моё in the audio


they're pretty different for me: the и sounds like the ee in see, while the ё sounds like o in go


I'm having trouble hearing the difference between полотенце and полотенце. Any advice?


Why does it only accept "Here is my towel" but not "My towel is here" ?


Вот is for handing people an object (“here you go” &c.), not describing where something is. It just happens that in English both circumstances use ‘here’...


When is 'моё' used?


For a single neuter noun (which will generally end in o or e; feminine nouns end in a and go with моя; masculine ones don't end in those letters and go with мой [which doesn't have o or a added]; plural of any gender goes with мои (note the lack of shortening accent)).


This one was a great review


I typed "Here are my towels" and it was wrong??


Only one towel - you can tell this from the моё (neuter singular) rather than мои (plural), even if you're not sure from the form of the noun.

[deactivated user]

    Hey why do i hear 'a' instead of 'о' in моё (mayo) озёра (azyora)???


    This is standard for Russian - o sounds like ‘oar’ if stressed, ‘ah’ or ‘uh’ if unstressed (хорошо has one of each, in reverse order - ‘hurrasho’). Ё (yo) cannot be unstressed (it turns into е (ye) - e.g. in singular óзеро).


    when do you use моё instead of мой?


    When the noun is neuter (usually ending in о or е), you use моё. For feminine (usually ending in а or я), you use моя. For masculine (other endings), you use мой.


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