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My Duolingo Cyrillic Extension

Hello guys,

I just want to give you a link to my Duolingo chrome extension:


I am a ukrainian learner and have designed this extension so that the keyboard will automatically change languages when you get a question in Russian and Ukrainian. Please download it and [b]rate it[/b] and leave you feedback as I would very much like to improve it.

Thanks everyone and good luck learning Russian!!!

November 4, 2015



How easily can this be made a user script requiring Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey? I think a lot of people would really appreciate the possiblity to use this under Firefox. After all, it's an important feature.


Yeah, I don't want to have to resort to another browser, but it is a fantastic feature...


considering it's popularity I will have a look at a firefox version, it shouldn't be too difficult to implement


Oooh I shall be downloading this when I get on my laptop. One of the nicest things about the app = not having to remember to switch back and forth.

(Though it does occasionally give me Cyrillic for Esperanto which is... interesting...)


Try Downloading this :

Esperanta Klavaro by Viacheslav Shklyaev https://appsto.re/us/9Fzd5.i

This Esperanto keyboard automatically pops up when I use the Duolingo app!


Can you extent it to the Russian course as well? I just tried it, and it didn't work. (Using Chromium on Ubuntu).


It's just working for Ukrainian right now. He's working on it so it can be used for Russian soon! :)


This extension could really become handy if Duolingo adds more languages with non-latin characters. Then all you need to get is one of these keyboards were every key has its own little screen ... if you have the spare 2000$.


I use Chromium on Ubuntu too and it does not work with Russian (yet).


Using it now. I love it! Thank you!


Hi! Great idea! Unfortunately the combination Chrome and Microsoft doesn´t work on my PC yet. I am looking forward for the next version! Thank you very much! Большое спасибо! :-)


Is the source code available?


Thanks for your feedback guys, I have made an update and I can report that Russian is working on Chrome. Ensure that your version of the extension is at 1.3


Whenever I try to add the extension, it keeps telling me "checking"...


Thank you for this extension. But for those who use different browsers or somehow can't get it to work, there is the option of installing the keyboard inputs for other languages (using your favorite websearch engine). The challenge is then finding out how to quickly switch language inputs.

For windows on a desktop, once the language bar is loaded with the desired input languages, one quick way to switch languages is LEFT ALT + SHIFT, which cycles through the language options.


Интересно. Does it support the Swedish keyboard? Does it work with the Swedish keyboard (sv<-->ru)? I don‘t have an English keyboard installed since I use the Swedish keyboard layout, which has all the letters of the English alphabet plus Åå Ää Öö.


Hi! I cannot say if it works with a Swedish keyboard - but I use a German keyboard by myself with additional letters like ä,ö,ü and ß. In my case the Cyrillic Extension works well. But: I wouldn´t recommend a German (or Swedish) keyboard with out-of-the-box Cyrillic letters on it. The problem is, that the Cyrillic Extension links to the corresponding English keys. So when using this type of keyboard you high-likely get some annoying problems as the printing doesn´t fit the standard positions for Cyrillic letters on an english keyboard. I use transparent cyrillic stickers that I applied to my normal standard keyboard. It was a bit of work to find all the cyrillic letters on the German keyboard by testing. Four of them where quite hard to find, as they needed additional String or Alt keys.


I also use Cyrilic stickers for my keyboard. Thank you for responding! Спасибо за ответ! Vielen Dank für die Antwort, Angela!

BTW, which four Cyrillic letters were hard to find? Where are they? Ё?


Kein Problem, ich bin so stolz auf meine Tastatur, dass ich das gerne Teile! Leider bin ich zum üben immer zu faul...

As I am sitting in front of my German/Cyrillic keyboard anyway, here an overview of the keys that are "irregular".

б is ,
ю is .
Ж is Shift + . (= :)
ж is Shift + , (= ;)
Э is Shift + 2
ъ is Alt R + 9
Ъ is Alt R + 0
Ё is Alt R + +
Х is Alt R + 7
, is Shift + ß

Shift + 6 produces a "?" sometimes, but behaves like ^ (letter appears not instantly when pressing the key).

I don´t have the small "x" and the small "ё", I never found them. But Duolingo doesn´t complain when using capital letters. So some keys are nasty to use, but still better than changing the keyboard setting in Windows. All other keys are available at the standard A-Z layout and were easy to identify.

Have fun! :-)


Wow, that seems really complicated. Ich finde das sehr kommpliziert! I am using the PC version of the Russian keyboard (haven‘t installed this extension yet) and I have:

  • Б б on , and ; (, and Shift + )
  • Ю ю on . and : (. and Shift + .)
  • Ж ж on Ö ö
  • Э э on Ä ä
  • Ъ ъ on ^ and ¨ (¨ and Shift + ¨)
  • Ё ё on °§ (§ and Shift + §)
  • Х х on Å å (Deutsche Ü ü), and
  • , on _ (Shift + -).
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