"She is a woman."

Translation:Она женщина.

November 4, 2015

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Why do you need является?


I literally just did these lessons no more than 85 days ago. является was never used. I've got my notebook right here. In what sense is the instrumental case a "Basics" sort of lesson? And why does she represent herself as a woman? This word and usage was never covered, and has no good reason to belong in such an early lesson. Additionally, less than 3 months ago, when I did these lessons before the answer was very clearly given as Она - женщина. This is also in my notebook. Unless the fundaments of Russian has changed in the last season, I see no reason for this change to the lesson plan.


Она женщина seems to be working again.


That's what I was asking. I was taught Она женщина


Является, есть = is


What is является?


a lot of people said google translated it as "is an". heres my take on it as a native speaker of a slavic language: (please bear in mind that i do not speak russian...) явлается sounds like it comes from a root meaning "to appear". i believe if we make a very awkward and literal translation of the sentence it will mean something like "she appears to be a woman". i DO NOT think this is the way we should be translating it though, and believe it to be a purely grammatical component. again this is just speculation.


I do speak Russian. It should not be used in this sentence- like you said, awkward and literal. Poor choice. Should be: Она - женщина.


I am getting suspicous: what would you say if the woman you are talking about was trans?

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    We never leard является and when you click on the words above for translation it never showed up...


    When I tap on the English words in order to get a hint, it says that the right answer is- Она женщина. This is exactly what I wrote, because this is the right translation, as far as I know. Does anyone understand why my answer wasn't accepted? And what is the meaning of the 'correct' answer written above?


    I wish this app taught the alphabet letters and sounds. So far ive just had to listen to what the speaker says to figure it out.


    They teach it on the "Tips and notes" of the first lesson (Alphabet 1).

    You can get to the "Tips and notes" section on a browser by clicking on the lesson and clicking on the light bulb button. I don't know if you can see it on the app though.


    Try "russian world" a complete course on youtube, they teach you the abc and also grammar, and keep practicing with duolingo also :)


    This is what i used to learn cursive


    There's lots of YouTube videos about the alphabet


    you could try an app called "Drops"! thats where i learned the alphabet mostly. it made everything else so much easier once i could sound stuff out


    there is an app/video "read russian in three hours". it helped me. love, dave


    download Drops(sorry duolingo), and look it up on some russian teaching websites or watch youtube videos :)


    являться translates as 'has been' if we are missing something here, please help


    I guess it's some kind of a bug but thanks for the translation.


    Является ? First time I meet this word, and no translation available. I have to translate "She is a woman" thru words in blocks I have to click on. So, I can't type "Она - женщина".


    Difference between женщина and женщиной??


    I thought one was singular and another was plural but now I'm confused


    "Женщина" is in the nominative case, meanwhile "Женщиной" is in the instrumental case.
    Here's a short table to both understand and memorize the declensions for the word "Женщина":


    Why did it say I should have had another word я**** in the middle?


    what is является?? and when do you have to use женщиной instead of женщина? this was never explained anywhere


    I meant to type, Ona zhenshchina, but what did I end up saying? она женшчина


    If you go on to the settings in your phone there is an option to add a Russian keyboard! You may have to download the language, but if you're that committed to learning, you'll figure something out ;^)


    No idea why people downvoted this comment, it's the only useful one in this thread.


    For everyone:
    Apparently "Являться" means: ''to be,'' ''to exist,'' ''to report oneself,'' or something like that...
    It's conjugated as any other reflexive verb, just like this:

    Я являюсь
    Ты являешься
    Он/Она/Оно является
    Мы являемся
    Вы являетесь
    Они являются

    It's really important to keep in mind that this verb takes the instrumental case, so that's why it's said ''Она является женщиной," and not "Она является женщина."
    The very first time I saw a rule like that was when I attempted to learn Polish and I noticed they use the verb ''to be'' with the instrumental case. Kinda tough, isn't it?
    "Она — женщина," would be a correct translation as well.


    Could it also mean something like "to identify as"?


    I put some stickers on the keyboard to help me out at the beginning. :)


    I found that Mac has an on-screen keyboard called the Keyboard viewer and I have it displayed. No stickers necessary and you learn touch typing. But still painfully slow. Thanks Denizzz and thekatmorgan for your encouragement! Lingots for you.


    Don't do this -- it'll make it harder for you touchtype by the time you're a more advanced student of the Russian language. Try practicing the layout using keybr.com or Klavaro.


    That is how we did it when I took Russian a few years back! If you know your qwerty keyboard by english letters just put russian stickerd over the letters or you can even buy a Cyrillic rubber key cover off amazon very cheap! Keep training!


    regisa, are you using the standard or the phonetic Russian keyboard?


    What is является


    What's this? It's absolutely wrong.


    The spellings are too tough to learn


    Don't worry. With practice and regular reading exposure you'll get better at spelling Russian words.


    https://youtu.be/mi_LNrP9Qtw learning russian alphabet first will make it a loooot easier, belive me.


    I use the Serbian keyboard input, as it has the normal layout of English keys, so each letter is translated. I then swiftly change [Shift + Alt] between Serb, Russian and English to get it right. This way I do the job quickly and I learn the cyrillic special letters of Russian at my own pace :]


    I'm having the same problems as everyone else with является it seems... Not sure where it comes from (and there seems to be no explanation) Regarding learning the alphabet and its sounds quickly, I found Memrise was excellent for this.


    I can't access a Cyrillic keyboard so doing the Russian tutorials don't work for me when I'm supposed to be typing Russian.


    Is that on phone or computer. On android u can set it up to change keyboard with a swipe of space bar


    Whats the difference between женщина and женчиной? And also what does является mean?


    What was that word at the middle????

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    I am half way through the Russian tree and this is the first time I encountered this word. What is this and why I haven't encountered it before?!


    I found Memrise.com to be helpful for learning to type.


    Является ?? 7/11/2018 - NOT WORKing


    Did any one resolve this issue??


    Please duolingo, work on that


    "является" apparently means "is an" and is pronounced "yav-lyay-etsya". However, I am still unsure as to why it is the correct answer. What is wrong with Она женщина?


    pretty sure everyone else here has the same question as me


    Will there be an answer for the question and why we didn't have any clue about this's combination? I'm not expecting an apology I appreciate the hard work but I just need an explanation Thank you


    People please be careful when using this word является. My girlfriend is Russian and when trying to sound this word in an improper way the word literally translates to the F word. This word is out of context in this exercise.


    well that suddenly changed very quickly.... I practice each completed level every day to refresh myself and this is the first time 'является' has appeared for me!!


    How would you translate "The woman" (suppose it's the title for a Sherlock Holmes episode), or "she is the woman" (as in Sherlock explaining to someone who Irene Adler is)


    I don't know but i just tried to type оне -женщина i typed the dash thing as it was the verb "is" I read it in a different comment previously. is it incorrect in this case?


    Shouldn't it be "она это женщина"? Please explain.


    That would be 'She is this woman'. Russian doesn't use anything for 'a', except sometimes a hyphen (-).


    Can someone explain to me what the " - " is for in this sentence?


    Rusalphabet is a free app of short videos that covers the cyrillic alphabet in an easy to understand manner. Using english words and replacing letters with the cyrillic letters individually at first and eventually showing signs from russia. Not perfect but a great tool. Tskes about three hours to watch them all, but it was so effective i havent gone back to watch them again and am doing fine.


    она женщина is the actual way to say she's a woman.


    Она являеться женчиной


    Why theword является


    Она является женщиной


    Она женщина should be the right answer !!!


    New Word является


    This is not usual !


    This must be a bug, havent leard являться yet!!


    Стоп является!!


    why is является needed? it wasn't needed in previous lessons :/


    Why need является. If it is required should have stated first in russian for practice


    I was supposed to translate "She is a woman", and I answered with "Она является женщина" but it told me it was wrong, and that the correct answer is "она является женщиной," which translates to "She is a woman,". How is my answer wrong? Previous times before where I answered with "Она женщина," it has always told me to use является.


    The pupil wants to know more than the teacher .Don't go so fast! Study first .


    Way too difficult for this level!


    It could have worned us about these words. Completely different to what its told me it should be the last week!


    Это не "Она является женщиной." Это "Она женщиной". >:(


    Really don't understand why the correction is " ето являатся 'женщиной' "???


    I think having an idea of the Cyrillic alphabets helps a LOT when you start with Russian here because they never bother to acquaint you with the alphabets, which is very weird. Thankfully, I know them all.


    I was though Она женщина


    Cannot understand this sentence without prior information


    Difference between женщина and женщиной


    Starfoulilah guys what the HELL ??!!!


    it doesn't really explain at any point the difference between они and она


    How do i write in Russian on an English keyboard in Duolingo???


    I went to "System Preferences" and added a Russian Phonetic keyboard but it doesn't come up when I try to toggle using the caps lock key. Instead, I get Greek (which is number two on my menu). How do I get my Mac to type in Russian?


    I just discovered that, despite its protestations to the contrary, macOS only supports one other language (at a time) on its Keyboard menu.

    To reach that, open “System Preferences”, then tap the Keyboard icon and select “Input Sources” from the overhead menu. Tap the + sign at the lower left corner of the window and enter “Russian-Phonetic” in the pane beneath your native keyboard (U.S., in my case). Finally, check the box next to “Use Caps Lock key to switch to and from [U.S.]”.

    Now you can exit System Preferences and begin using your bilingual keyboard. Simply tap the Caps Lock key when you want to toggle between alphabets. To actually use the Caps Lock, hold the key down for a couple of seconds before resuming typing.


    Why "ana" not "ona"?


    I can not tying Risse


    How do you pronounce «щ»? Спасибо!


    Why not... Она в женщина?


    Can you say "Она - ето женщина"?


    this says i am wrong!!

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