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"Kvinnene skulle ha spist mer fisk denne uken."

Translation:The women should have eaten more fish this week.

November 4, 2015



Just a general comment on that lesson: there is only one case shown in the exercises ([subject] should have [action]), compared to the different cases shown in the notes :)


Duly noted, we'll mix it up a bit in the next tree version.


I'm pretty hyped for the next tree :)


As are we! We're very excited to share it with you all... once we're done with the less exciting job of proofreading it. ;)


I'm only 3/5 through the skill, but so far there have not only been no sentences for what was described in the notes (skulle/ville + inf), the case in the example sentences (skulle ha + pp) is also not being explained anywhere in the notes. The notes are basically for a different skill!


"Fisk" is used as a mass noun in this sentence, so we use "mer" rather than "flere".

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