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  5. "See you soon!"

"See you soon!"

Translation:До скорого!

November 4, 2015



why is до свидания not acceptable, it does meen till i see you again, which is just as close as до скорого


Is like say you "see you later", that is Spanish means: "nos vemos pronto/luego". In change, до свидания is used as "good bye", a farewell.


The first is good bye/until our next meeting, and the latter is closer to see you soon. So I would say you use до скорого more casually or when you know you're going to see some one around.


why "г" in скорого sounds like в? and when "о" sounds like "а"?


Two factors at play here I think:

How the word is stressed - because the stress is on the first o in the actual stem of the word, the other os are unstressed and sound more like a. I'm trying to think through examples in my head where you would put stress on this since it's a genitive case ending, and I don't know of any.

For the ого (and его), really any time you see it that, it's going to be on a masculine genitive thing and the "г" just sounds that way, not sure of why. I imagine it happened as part of natural speech since it's just easier and faster to say.

So in short, as I think through it...ого and его will just always be this way when you see them - someone correct me if you can think of examples that differ, but I am not able to right now.


Well if I'm not mistaking, in много the -г- is pronounced -g-. Could a native confirm this?


Yup that one is г/g. But there is stress on the first o so I think that gives you the hard consonant pronunciation.


Wow, this language is blowing my mind... I already knew a good amount of Spanish, and that has helped me pick up Russian faster, but it is amazing how these languages translate to English. I want to understand everything between. I dont know why, but I really wanted to learn this language


Mostly because pronunciation of о is more like the english "oo" like in "book"


What's the difference between скоро and скорого?


скоро = adverb (я скоро вернусь)
скорого = adjective (мы ждем скорого возвращения)


What's the difference between до встречи and до скорого?


Essentially, until our next meeting vs. see you soon.


Are they Informal or formal? Thanks in advance


I think they're both informal, but not impolite. Less stuffy than до свидания


До скорого свидания would be acceptable? Isn't it the same as До скорого?


Yes, it should. Source: am Russian. Although До скорого свидания is more formal.


Why is the до needed?


до is up to/until. If you don't use it you're just saying "soon," that just seems unnatural to me and even casually isn't something I've ever heard someone say.


It's a pity that in english-russian exercises the app doesn't play the russian words... Still can:t figure out the correct pronounce for скорого!


"До скорого свидания" must be accepted.


Why is До завтра, unacceptable?


That's until tomorrow.


Yet another one of these without a word bank. I haven't seen this happen in the Japanese course.

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