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  5. "Это портрет моего внука."

"Это портрет моего внука."

Translation:This is a portrait of my grandson.

November 4, 2015



Also: This portrait is of my grandson .


That is a slightly different translation - Этот портрет моего внука.


This is my grandson's portrait. Add, please!


Report it, please.


Why is it это here and not этот? I thought этот was for masculine nouns.


Это - портрет: this is a portrait

Этот портрет: this portrait


this is a picture of my grandson. wrong?


It's very possible that I'm completely over thinking things, so if that's the case here, I apologize in advance. Is there a way to distinguish between someone saying "this is my grandson's portrait/portrait of my grandson" in the sense of the aforementioned portrait literally being a portrayal of the grandson, and "this is my grandson's portrait" as in "this is a portrait of someone else that my grandson owns"? For some reason I feel anxious about this hahah


Technically there's no difference and both meanings are valid. In fact it can also mean "the portrait by grandson painted". Though, I believe, "portrait of my grandson" would be the default assumption for most people. Other meanings would probably require certain context or some kind explanation.

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