"Где моя сестра?"

Translation:Where is my sister?

November 4, 2015

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I really like the word Где, it sounds like "cadê" in portuguese... (shorter version of "where is it") Easy to remember now for me, and I wanted to share with you!!!


Obrigado ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ


The pronunciation of сестра sounds more like sistra than sestra, when does the pronunciation of "е" change like that?


Always when е isn't stressed. :)


Ah ok, is there a way to know when it is and isn't stressed?


Not really, stress in Russian is usually hard to predict and you have to learn its position when learning a word. Also it's mobile sometimes. So, for example, for the word сестрА (sister) the plural form is сЁстры. There the stress changes its position and causes some morphological changes as well (е > ё).


Use a dictionary or the Wiktionary. The stress sign looks as an acute .


Isn't it the same in English?

metal ['met(ə)l] but metallic [mə'tælɪk]

There are different sounds used. Of course they differ from Russian "е" and "и" but you could feel how it happens.


The "е" is russian sounds "ye"


Not so strictly...say еле-еле is rather yeli-yeli,where unstressed second е sounds like i in kilt or milk. In перемена (change,break) there is no taste of ye at all and first е is like e in pet,while second one is i in palindrome. Third е again like in pet . The stress in the whole word is on the third syllable. First two е are both unstressed but are pronounced differently ( if you hear variant with "pet-pet-pet",not pet-milk-pet ,it means you met a dialect. Same with О. It's pronounced pA-gO-dA with stressed O. If you hear pO-gO-dA,be sure- you are in Vologda city or somewhere near Volga river. HTH))


Why "moya" and not "moi"? How will I know which to use?


It's because сесрта is feminine so you have to use "moya" (моя) as that's also feminine. To know which one to use you first have to know the gender of the noun and then you'll know whether to use мой (masculine), моя (feminine) or моё (neuter).

If the noun is plural then you use мои.

Hope that helps.


Is there a trick to know whether a noun is feminine, masculine, or neuter?


Is the o supposed to be silent or is that just a duolingo thing?


If I call someone as 'mine' and that someone is male but I'm female, would it be moy, after the object of my affection, or would it be moya, because I'm female?


Mоя for feminim, and мой for masculim


thanks, Orphan Black. that's a word I will never forget


I was looking to see who would get that reference. I was starting to think it was only me!


Omori players relate


why does the o sounds like e, the e sounds like o I really don't understand that? What does "stressed" mean?


The stressed syllable in a word is the one that is naturally emphasised in the course of saying the word.


Russian is easy language


Its always to fast ..it would be really great if they put it a little slower ..so I can really hear n pronounce the words ..because I'm new to this language n everything


bro the microphone thing is broken and i can pass WHY


isn't it (singular)"мой сестра" and (plural) "моя сестри"

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