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"Ни у девочки, ни у меня нет собаки."

Translation:Neither the girl nor I have a dog.

November 4, 2015


[deactivated user]

    These articles are killing me ;/


    How does one know whether депвочки and собаки are singular or plural since the ending is the same for plural and genitive case? I'm guessing context would make the difference.

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    Preposition "у" and particle "нет" make it completely unambiguous here. Both require Genetive, and the genetive form of both plurals is different.


    Thank you for your reply! I checked my notes on how to make Genitive Plurals and now I see the difference! :)


    I said 'neither the girl or I have dogs' - is my (native!) English wrong or is the translation incorrect?


    That's what I said as well. Colloquially, I suppose we do say it in English that way quite often but strictly speaking it should be nor. Neither always goes with nor. Either always goes with or.

    But yes, the pickiness is driving me a little crazy...


    Duolingo, teaching people languages they aren't trying to learn..


    As a professor, I can say, Duolingo is not teaching anything, because this app doesn't explain anything. This app has exercises and grades them. People try to learn guessing, watching, thinking, analyzing, researching, trying and reading what other users explain. People will learn according to the effort and time. If you dedicate time and effort you will learn but as I say, there's no explanation.

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    And what are the negative effects of that?


    Your friends hate you at dinner parties.

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    Good to know.


    I don't consider it a downside, certainly.

    [deactivated user]

      You're right. Correct English usage is either/or and neither/nor. The above users are thinking of colloquial English for a "she or I" type situation. You would say: "Either she or I should go" or "Neither she nor I should go." (Colloquially, someone might say, "Neither she or I should go." But that's not typically where the use of "nor" is important.)

      Think of these sentences:

      "Neither of us saw the dragon, nor did we hear it."

      No one would say, "Neither of us saw the dragon, or did we hear it." (Sounds weird)

      This Russian translation just isn't a compelling sentence example in English for a "neither/nor" usage. We'd say, "Neither of us has a dog," or "I don't have a dog, and neither does she." But the Russian might be exactly what you'd say in Russian.


      "Neither the girl or I" should be fine as another translation, unless you're translating at a rather formal level (in which case nor is a better choice). Usually it's "neither ... nor", but "neither ... or" is not wrong. Merriam-Webster has this usage note: """ Usage Discussion of neither

      Although use with or is neither archaic nor wrong, neither is usually followed by nor. A few commentators think that neither must be limited in reference to two, but reference to more than two has been quite common since the 17th century <rigid enforcement of antique decorum will help neither language, literature, nor literati — James Sledd>. """ If you have access to the Oxford English dictionary, they provide some examples of "neither ... or" and caution that "Numerous grammarians from the mid 18th cent. onwards criticize the use of or rather than nor as ungrammatical and improper."


      Seem to be getting stock on this one too. Losing my patience...


      I feel ya. In the exact same situation.


      I understand that it said "I have neither girl nor dog" like "I have neither girlfriend nor dog, I'm lonely and sad". I totally fail XD.

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      That would be "У меня нет ни девушки, ни собаки".


      This kinda looks like "Neither the girls nor I don't have dogs"


      Can we also say "Neither with the girl, nor with me, is the dog"?


      Ни со мной, ни с девочкой нет собаки or Собака ни со мной, ни с девочкой, so this "have" part can't be translated word-by-word to English.


      This makes sense, thank you so much.


      How do i choos the correct spelling for "девушки / девочки" And what's the difference.?


      Well, according to Wiktionary, девушка is a girl from "the age of puberty to adulthood," while девочка is a girl "before the age of puberty". In English, we would probably refer to them as girl and little girl. There is even another word, девочка-подросток, that means a "girl at the age of puberty". Thanks for asking, I looked it up and learned two new words! :)



      This is english?


      I like how some words in Russian are pronounced the same as Spanish words with the same meaning like "ni", "y" and "ti"


      I dont understand why собаки isnt plural. How would I write it if I wanted to say dogs?


      When using нет in these sentences, you conjugate the noun that you don't have (usually the thing after нет) in the genitive.

      Open the declension in https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D1%81%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B0%D0%BA%D0%B0#Noun for собака, and you find the singular genitive is собаки and the plural genitive is собак.

      Thus, to say "Neither the girl nor I have dogs." You'd write "Ни у девочки, ни у меня нет собак"


      Thanks a lot. I think i get it now


      Genitive is so difficult, also this is new i didnt had it before


      Lets play a game. You throw the words of a sentence in a pile, and i'll sort them out.


      I'm amused that I keep getting the grammar correct, but the spelling wrong.


      Okay so I said or instead of nor. I feel that or should be accepted???


      I think that my sentence written with the English keyboard is right. HN Y DEBOSHKN HN Y MENYA HET SOBAKN


      Вы толька дрезиье меня поняли


      When do we use не, and when do we use ни?


      Neither the girl nor I have "dogs". Is marked incorrect. Why??


      The girl has nothing, a girl is no one


      I read this as <>. (can also say Neither the girl nor I... Both are valid in English). I understand the ни before is neither /nor but the нет after is very confusing. Can someone explain this to why this could not be a possibility? How would you say the negative?


      Oh what I put in quotes is being ignored I said... Neither girl nor I do not have a dog.

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