"The Greeks are reading books in the church."

Translation:Yunanlar kilisede kitap okuyor.

November 4, 2015



Merhaba! Is it not correct to say "Yunanlar kilisede kitaplar okuyor" ?

November 4, 2015


I think if you use a plural ending, you have to also use the accusative ending ("kitaplar─▒"). But if you do that, the direct object becomes definite, and the sentence becomes, "the Greeks are reading the books in the church."

In this case, the English sentence is just talking about books in general, so "kitap" will be a general direct object, and won't take either a plural or an accusative ending.

November 4, 2015


It is not. Please see here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7736911

November 4, 2015


Ok, I got it. Thanks for you answers :)

November 5, 2015


Why does the verb not agree with the subject in number, I.e. why not okuyorler?

August 6, 2019
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