"Are you OK?"

Translation:У тебя всё хорошо?

November 4, 2015



Why can't I just say "Ты хорошо?"

November 8, 2015


"Хорошо" is adverb. You usually need to add some verb to create correct sentence.
"Ты хорошо себя чувствуешь?" (Are you feeling okay?)

Other option is to change pronoun to genitive case:
"У тебя всё хорошо?"

December 20, 2016


I was taught the verb to be is understood and modified by хорошо

October 31, 2018


I had a similar complaint. I feel like there was no real way to piece this together from the clues.

November 10, 2015



July 5, 2018


I agree with you! It didn't say "everything" so всё shouldn't even be there!

December 11, 2018


I think ты хорошо is better also

January 6, 2018


"Ты хорошо" by itself does not mean anything. As Dron007 points out, хорошо is an adverb which should be modifying some verb when used in a phrase with a nominative-case subject (Ты хорошо готовишь, ты хорошо водишь машину, etc.). The adjective form (хороший или хорошая, because you're talking about a person) would only be used to say that someone is "a good _" (Ты хороший адвокат, ты хороший учитель, etc.).

January 7, 2018



September 20, 2018


Is this to imply that хорошо is the Russian equivalent of "well"? Should I use хороший instead as an adjective meaning "good"?

September 28, 2018


When хорошо is used as an adverb then yes, "well" is a perfect translation. If хорошо is used as an adjective then it would still be "good".

September 28, 2018


Annie, would you tell us that you're okay?

October 31, 2016

July 15, 2018


Why is всё needed here ? How is у тебя хорошо incorrect ?

October 31, 2017


Because then we don't know what's supposed to be хорошо, since it's an adjective. Sounds weird.

October 31, 2017


Хорошо is not an adjective, it's an adverb. My question is, is "тебе хорошо" ok?

April 22, 2018


хорошо is an adjective. It is modifying "you", so I still don't see why всё is necessary. "Is everything ok with you?" is different from "Are you ok?" I would use them differently in English, and from what I've been reading here, it seems different in Russian also.

February 19, 2019


Хорошо in this sentence is an adjective (short form), but it modifies всё, not ты. If you were to ask someone "У тебя хорошо?" they would probably not understand immediately because it's not clear what is good/ok with them.

February 19, 2019


Can someone please explain this sentence and its structure?

July 7, 2018


It seems that "всё " means "all" and when paired with "хорошо" it translates "all is well". So, shouldn't ты хорошо be acceptable? as it means "are you well?"

December 22, 2015


It would sound more like "You well-ly?"

January 12, 2017


Why can't I say всё хорошо ?

July 31, 2016


In real life you can

October 31, 2018


I guess you need a subject? You can't translate straight from English "all good"

February 7, 2019


Why is ты в порядке not a solution?

February 13, 2017


Idk, as a native speaker I consider it a solution

October 6, 2018


У Вас всё хорошо? should be accepted
You can use ты, тебя, тебе, тобой, тобою only with people you know well. Some people very offensive about that!

June 14, 2018



September 20, 2018


I agree but if you use у вас it is marked incorrect

October 31, 2018


Is this literally; do you have the everything that is fine? Or am I completely wrong?

November 15, 2016


"У тебя" could be roughly translated as "at yours" or "in your posession" in many cases (у тебя есть яблоко, in your possession there is an apple).

More specifically, тебя is the "genitive case" of ты. We dont have genitives in English, instead we have the related "posessive case." Genitives mark sounds as relating to other nouns, similar to how in the phrase "your house" the word "your" shows that the house relates to you. The difference is that in posessive case it also implies direct ownership.

Considering the genitive case, у тебя becomes more like "with you", "of you", or "relating to you." So the sentence "у тебя есть яблоко" becomes "with you there is an apple" and "у тебя всё хорошо?" becomes "with you is everything alright?"

If you can think of it this way instead of like possessives it will help a lot!

April 2, 2018


@Lingwat, I think you gave the best answer as to why всё is necessary, thank you!

April 17, 2018


Спасибо !

July 22, 2018



September 20, 2018


I don't know, but I think it literally means, "Is everything fine with/at you?"

November 21, 2016


It would literally be like "Do you have all that is well" or just "all well", but languages don't always translate literally and retain full meaning so you do have to adapt it to the English here a little bit.

January 12, 2017


this is so confusing ...

February 2, 2019


Can I say ''Тебе хорошо?''?

November 13, 2015


Yes, but it usually has some intimate shade of meaning.

December 20, 2016


Можно, но не в этом контексте.

March 31, 2017


Why is it хорошо instead of ничего? And why did everything get put in there?

July 21, 2016


Ничего means 'nothing', basically, so it is obviously wrong.

Literally translating, У тебя харошо? means 'Is good with you?' It's the same case in English, it doesn't make sense. You have to specify what you are asking is good. That's why we need 'everything' there.

April 11, 2018


So in this sentence (just so I'm not mistaken),

  1. "khorosho" means 'ok' + ?
  2. "vse" means 'all'
  3. "U tebya" means "Is it"
August 29, 2017


У тебя is literally "at you" or more in English "you have". So it's more like "Do you have everything ok?"

August 29, 2017


why is всё necessary

June 7, 2018


Whats the superliteral translation of this?

June 26, 2018


At you is everything alright?

June 26, 2018


I have the hardest time remembering this!! Im glad to know that im not the only one struggling.

July 15, 2018


What the problem with: "Ты нормално?"?

August 2, 2018


Нормально is an adverb or the short form adjective of нормальное. You can't use it with Ты here because Ты is either feminine or masculine, but not neuter. If you were to ask if someone is нормальный in this context, with a nominative subject, you'd be asking whether or not they have a mental problem, not if they're feeling OK.

Нормально answers questions using the word как. Как дела, как ты поживаешь, etc.

August 2, 2018


How is хорошо an adverb? Is it not an adjective in the sentence всё хорошо? I'm confused.

September 28, 2018


In this full sentence "У тебя всё хорошо?" I would be more inclined to interpret that as an adjective (where хорошо describes the всё). But in the simple sentence "всё хорошо", it could be either one just depending on the greater context of the conversation.

September 28, 2018


What is всё? Duolingo didn't explain to me... It's all very new.. I don't now nothing about this language. Are we suppose to have some baggage in this before start learning?

March 14, 2019


@TatiMarazz - I don't know if they fixed the mobile app version but on the desktop version there are lesson notes at the bottom of each lesson page, they are kinda hidden if you're not looking for them.

Www.wiktionary.org and www.academic.ru are good resources for words (Academic is a powerful site in general).

Www.forvo.com is a pronunciation dictionary with multiple entries for each word from different speakers if you need help pronouncing stuff.

And definitely use the Comments section on Duolingo if something isn't clear, but also please read it first since the course is a few years old and a lot of the common questions have already been answered.

I don't have the Cyrillic keyboard on my phone, but the word you're asking about (BCE with the dots over the E to make the yo sound) means "everything".

March 14, 2019


Thanks for the tip.

March 15, 2019


This makes sense. I read it as "is your everything ok?" or are you ok?

April 1, 2019


The english sentence should be "Is everything okay with you?"

April 12, 2019
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