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  5. "Как ты думаешь, это хорошо?"

"Как ты думаешь, это хорошо?"

Translation:What do you think, is this fine?

November 4, 2015



The translation is a bit off here. Native English-speakers would not say "fine" in this context, but rather "good" or "OK." Normally a person says "fine" when indicating his or her own opinion, not when inquiring about someone else's opinion.


Ahh, thank you - you made the point I was going to make, and much more succinctly than I would have done.


Alright means this same like fine or good


I wrote Что instead of Как. Is there a rule to know when Как is a better translation for What?


Как ты думаешь? is more like What is your point of view on this problem? while Что ты думаешь? is more like What are you thinking (right now?) It's a good question if your version should be accepted here, but it's possible.


Как its how, like how you feel. And что is what, like what you tning


You wrote correctly. Just this phrase can be used with two choices:

Как ты думаешь, это хорошо?;

Что ты думаешь, это хорошо?;

And it has the same meaning.

I think your version will be added in the future. What about the rules of the use of these words (what - что and как - how) - their meanings are the same as in English


Why not alright instead of fine?


I translated this sentence as 'What do you think, is it all right?' but was corrected to "What do you think, is this fine.' Isn't 'all right' a possible English translation for 'хорошо' and isn't 'is it' a possible translation for 'это'? (Note: the hover translation of 'это' lists 'this, it is, that' as translations.)


Why not "correct" instead of "fine"?


"Correct" doesn't work in all contexts.

e.g. let's say my friend asked me to make some art for them, I could ask them "Is it okay?", but not "is it correct", because there is no objective truth. "Correct" doesn't deal with subjective things, "okay" does.


what do you think it is good? - not correct?


I received an incorrect answer when I wrote "it's" instead of "it is". Is it a software problem?


Do you think it's good - was accepted.


I wrote alright instead of fine..i think it should be correct in this context..


"What do you think is this alright" Should be expected?


What do you think, this is fine? is the same as " What do you think, is this fine? according to me...


I wrote "how do you think , this is ok or sec. time ending word was alright " and in this two examples duo didnt accept this two ansers somebody can explane to me why ?


Хорошо -good fine alright but when i use good duo only accept fine


What's wrong with "How do you think is it good?"


So "right" doesn't translates to "хорошо"


Strange english sentence


The "correct" answer is wrong. I never heard anyone to speak like that.

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