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"Музей далеко, надо будет ехать на автобусе."

Translation:The museum is far away, it will be necessary to take a bus.

November 4, 2015



It seems in told me "Go by bus" is wrong. And the right answer is apparently "Go by A bus" But I'm pretty sure in English it's "Go by bus" .


It told me the same thing. "Go by bus" or "take a bus" are fine, but "Go by a bus" is not proper English.


we don't speak proper English, consult with Beowulf and Shakespeare on what happened.


It's fixed now, but for the benefit of anyone learning English, the original translation, when spoken, would sound like this:
The museum is far; it will be necessary to go buy a bus.

And that just cracks me up.


You are correct. I was marked wrong for the same reason and reported it.


You can report until you are blue. It is impossible to repair all. There are just too many mistakes in this app.


This is still not fixed. Reported again...


Since this is an impersonal sentence in Russian, I still don't understand why only some of the pronouns in English are accepted.


"The museum is far away; it will be necessary to go by bus" was marked wrong. "Going by" bus, car or other mode of transportation is proper English and should be accepted.


'The museum is far' sounds rather stilted to me - not what we would ever say. It works fine in the interrogative 'Is it far?' and the negative 'It isn't far'. Better is 'far away' and even better 'a long way away'. And similarly 'take a bus' is slightly formal. 'Get a bus' is what we would actually say. There speaks a Londoner!


I get this wrong every time as they expect an answer in incorrect English. Go by a bus is wrong. It should be go on a bus or go by bus. This course has very few of these cases where you have to memorize bad English to continue, unlike some of the other cousrses which have lots, but it would still be nice if it was fixed...


you don't need the article "a'" here. you can also say "take the bus" instead of "take a bus," of that is your choice. they are perfectly interchangeable here. i would prefer "go by bus." either way, any of these answers should be acceptable. being way too rigid and nitpicky here.


Too many variations of this particular sentence aren't accepted, it is very annoying!!! The only way to pass is to COPY AND PASTE! Please fix!


(Recovered comments) 1: My options:

  • the museum is far away, one will need to go by bus
  • the museum is far, one will need to go by bus
  • the museum is far, one will need to get a bus
  • the museum is far, it will be necessary to get a bus. Duo marked red. Which of them are really incorrect?

2 AndroidKanada: The first is best, the other three are slightly marginal but quite understandable: (1) simply "far" doesn't seem quite right, but "far away" is good English (2) "take a bus" is preferable to "get a bus", at least where I live, but the latter is OK.


Is there anything actually wrong with translating this as "... you will need to take the bus"?


Another example of "English, but not as she is spoke".


Один из предлагаемых "правильных" вариантов перевода ... to go by A bus. Возможно ли это?


"Go by a bus" - возможно, но звучит немного странно. Лучше "go by bus" или "take a bus".


Agreed. "Go by bus" is definitely more common. "Go by a bus" definitely sounds like something a Slav who is trying to learn English would say. Which I guess kinda makes sense, circumstances considered?


"Go by a bus" is more like the person in this sentence will walk past a bus, rather than take the bus.

Don't expect the team to correct it.


if you remove the article and say "go by bus," it would be perfectly fine.


If someone told me to "go by a bus", I might even think they were suggesting that I "go buy a bus". (I live in rural England where buses are now few and far between, so it's not impossible to imagine a scenario where someone might jokingly tell me to do that!)


I put "The museum is far, it'll be necessary to go by bus." and it marked it as wrong, instisting that it should be "by a bus" which sounds silly in English.


"the museum is far, you will need to go by bus" was marked wrong. Can I say "you will need to" here?


It's grammatically correct. (I'd say "far away", rather than just "far", by the way.)


I realize DL already has 130+ solutions, but a whole set using "you" seems equally valid, especially in North American English, e.g. "The museum is far away, you will need to go by bus." I'm pretty confident of this as long as "you..." is used as the American equivalent of "one will need to...", but I am curious whether Russians would consider this sentence ambiguous between an actual 1st person "we" and a truly second-person "you"?? (or even allowing other possibilities??)


In UK, we do not say "The museum is far", but we might say "it is far off" or "some distance". "One needs to take..." is just as correct as saying "It is necessary..." and "to go by bus" or "take a bus" are the most common phrases, but " going by a bus" more likely to be used if you are, maybe, pointing to the bus you happen to be going by!


"The museum is far away. You have to go by bus." Неправильно?

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Contributors/Admins should really re-check the sensor for typos in this course (if there is such a thing).
All I did is type автубосе instead of автобусе and the WHOLE sentence was considered wrong


Typos are completely determined by an outside algorithm, so nobody can control what is or isn't accepted.

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