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  5. "Those men are my brothers."

"Those men are my brothers."

Translation:Quegli uomini sono i miei fratelli.

January 7, 2013



I thought you didn't need the article when referring to family members? Or does that not apply in the plural?


Exactly. You do need the article for the plural.


But earlier today I saw the following sentence: "quelle ragazze sono miei figlie" and both answers, with and without the artice, were accepted. What is the difference?


Good info. Did not know that.


That's a really stupid rule, but great to know, thanks!


There's a mistake in the dictionary hints. It shows Quelli and not Quegli like in the answer. I wrote the correct word at first, but after checking the hints I changed it to be "on the safe side" - which was a bad decision :/

I reported it, so I hope they'll fix it soon.

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