"I like fall but I don't like rain."

Translation:Я люблю осень, но не люблю дожди.

3 years ago



Почему надо вставить «дожди» а не «дождь»

3 years ago

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"Дожди" is "rains". And plural because it usually rains multiple times during the autumns. :)

3 years ago

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And the reason of the question was why there is singular "rain" in English and plural "дожди" in Russian.

2 years ago

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Would it be wrong if I said 'зато', instead of 'но'?

2 years ago


good question but idk it either, can someone answer it?

6 months ago


I put "Меня нравица осень но дождь не нравица" but it didnt accept it is this a correct interpretation

1 year ago


there is a misspelling in word "нравица" - it should be нравится

1 year ago


a few points I hope that my confusion will help others on these comments. 1) Here is the answer I put (and was given the OK on) я люблю осень но не нравится дождь It then said that this was also an acceptable answer. Я люблю осень, но не люблю дожди. So, my questions. Isn't "autumn" accusative? And if so, is is it masc or fem? (осень) I guess if masc, then it stays the same but if fem, what ending should it have? then it accepts дождь as well as дожди Can someone help out my confusion here please? And as I said, I hope that this helps others

3 months ago
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