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"Excuse me, where is the Subway?"

Translation:Извините, где метро?

November 4, 2015



Is the sandwich shop ''Subway'' also called ''метро'' in Russia?


Why извини not accepted?


This is too informal (ты). It's more likely that if you're asking about where the subway is located that you'd be asking a stranger, and hence you'd want to use the formal (вы) case of извините.


Whenever I asked this question in Moscow I was always lost, so it was useful.


Why: "Извините, где находится метро?" is not accepted?


It's most likely because "находится" hasn't been taught quite yet (at least I haven't run into it). It's good to know a lot of words, so definitely don't stop there. But, just stick to words that have been in lessons just while you're learning here, and you'll be fine. :)

(Also, make sure that you're being choosy with your words. The English translation isn't "Where is the subway located", just "Where is the subway?". The program, like any other of its kind, is very picky with what it will accept.)


What Nicholas said is true. However, next time you run into a problem like this, try repporting it so that the problem is fixed. This might be an issue if you ever come back to strengthen this lesson and you try to use newer words.


Difference between извини and извините?


извините is more formal/plural. I also selected извини, and I guess it's wrong because you'd be more formal with a stranger.


That's strange, I'm sure they've just changed this. I selected извините and it didn't allow. It said that "sorry" or извини was correct whereas I understand извините to mean excuse me. I guess it was a mistake or something...


I got it right, but i was half tempted to put "где это метро" im still kinda figuring out the grammar, what would this have translated to in english?


Извините, Где та метро is not the answer. Why is that.


"та" changes the meaning of the sentence from "Where is the subway?" to "Where is that subway?"

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