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Web and app do not synch?

I notice that the new Russian course is available on the website, but I cannot see it on the app I installed on my tablet, and I prefer to use the tablet app for my language learning. I tried to get it to work by subscribing to Russian here on the website, but it still doesn't show on the app on my tablet. Does anyone have any idea how I fix this?


November 4, 2015



As chemiazrit said, it takes some time before they set it up in the app. It isn't as simple as the app pulling info from the website; they need the course to be really nicely fixed up and stable before they devote the time to making it available on the app.

That said, you can just go to the full duolingo website on a mobile device and still do the lessons there.


Ahh, I did not realise that, thanks for the clarification. Sorry, I'm fairly new to Duolingo!

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