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  5. "Где мы?"

"Где мы?"

Translation:Where are we?

November 4, 2015



ы will be the death of me. Still can't pronounce it in a way that satisfies me.


Хаха! That's definitely one way of putting it...


I can't stop laughing from the video


OK Camilla..... I got it right - but only once 'coz now I' m dead


I don't understand, as a native russian speaker I find it no diffierent than the i in "igloo" or the first i in "indian".

It's such an easy letter, try practicing the one from igloo.


Precisely, you find it no different or difficult because it is your native language! I would think the same as you if someone told me they can't pronounce a particular sound in Spanish, and it's only normal. When we learn a new language, we struggle. In my case, this sound does not exist in either Spanish, English, French or Italian, which are the languages I already speak... so yeah, it is difficult for me. And, as a linguist, I can assure you that ы is not pronounced the same as the i in igloo. It is represented with an entirely different phonetic symbol. But I am already getting the hang of it, and slowly improving. I will continue to practice! Greetings!


Very strange. I hear the same sound when I say 'igloo' but I did more research and it seems you're right..! Good luck though =))


This sound doesn't exist in Portuguese as well.


If you know Vietnamese alphabet, ы is pronounced same as "ư ".HTH


I found this to be a great help with Russian pronunciation and some other rules/ applications. (be sure to open in either a new tab or new window so you don't lose your place in this exercise)



Having the same issue!!


"Dang it, Jenny, your total lack of preparation for this trip will be the death of us both! This is the luggage mishap all over again! Are we even still IN Russia?!"


this made my day


I have the hardest time understanding this reader. That's the third time I've gotten one of these wrong just because I didn't understand what she was saying.


Why does мы sound like Mai instead of Mi? isn't bI supposed to be like a short i?


No, it is not like the short i. It is used to make the preceding sound harder. It sounds, alone, like in movies when someone is punched in the stomach. While he is trying to say the sound И. It is deep, hard И. It is not an opened sound, but a bit muffled.


The quote "When someone is punched in the stomach" made me life so bad. :D


I like to think of it as if I was trying to say a "uy" sound with my mouth full of cotton in the dentist :D


Can someone find a chart or explain all the differences between "мы" "ты" "вы" etc...? :)) пожалуйста


Мы - we

Ты - informal singular 'you' (same as French 'tu')

Вы - formal (or plural) 'you' (same as French 'vous')


How does one say "Where am I?"

[deactivated user]

    Где я?


    Can I also ask "Где мы?" in a conversation where I spaced out and I'm kinda asking where we are now (what topic are we in the conversation)...


    Yes, you can, but it's better to say "О чём мы говорили?" because most of the time "Где мы?" refers to a place.


    My answer was "Где мое?", like "where is mine?" which was of course incorrect. I have trouble distinguishing мое, мы, мой, etc. Any tips?


    So what is the difference between "Где мы?" and "Мы где?" In which situations would one phrase be used and not the other?


    Since Где мы translates as "where (are) we", мы где must mean "we (are) where", russian grammar is really flexible so you could use either one and it would be probably be suitable.


    I get the feeling that the ы sound is like a ui?


    i picture goofy when pronouncing ы


    The voice sounds like "mee or "mwi", but other recordings sound like "moo-ehhh". Duolingo always says im wrong on this. Ugh.


    Где мы? мы в советский союз.

    where are we? we are in the soviet union.


    I am bulgarian and most words are like mines


    Tom, I have a feeling we're not in Moscow any more. 

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