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  5. "Да, я Тим."

"Да, я Тим."

Translation:Yes, I am Tim.

November 4, 2015



I'm sure this will be stated many times, but I think for Russian the page should have an on-screen keyboard with the Cyrillic letters (as the other languages have on-screen keyboards for letters which don't appear on the American/British keyboards).


I have been using the Transliterator add-on for Mozilla for the Ukrainian course, and now for the Russian one. You can switch from regular typing to transliteration for a specific text box or for a whole window, which is quite convenient.


Thanks very much this helped a lot!


Это Тим. Sorry. I couldn't help it. :)


HAHAHAHA! Maybe the problem with this app is that you might spend much time reading funny comments... like that!!!


That's the reason why I look at the comments section of every task :D


your not the first one :P


On android app its easy just add another keyboard language.. on pc it might be a problem,


That's exactly my problem!


On PC, it's quite easy. Just go to settings, navigate to Time and Language, and add another language to Windows(works for any version of Windows, if you are on a different OS, just search up how to do it on that OS). Once you have more than one, you can just make your way down to the 3-letter code or code in another script and click "Language Preferences" to add another.language.Use Windows Key+Space Bar to switch between languages quickly. It has all worked very well for me, and dare I say, even better than on Android.or Apple.


I completely agree.


if you have windows 7 (might work with 8) you can click on the two letters in your system tray that indicates what language your keyboard is in, and choose settings and add a russian keyboard. Then go to "advanced key settings" and choose a key combination to switch between your keyboard language. Then to actually see what you are typing enable "on-screen keyboard", you can find it by searching for it in the start menu. The name is dependent on your OS language, so if you don't have english OS just look for what it would be in your language.


What if I am on my phone??


Йщышч йшц бкьв


look for on screen on windows 7 and add the russian keyboard to the OS it then will show the russian keyboard at the On screen keyboard (control panel / accessibility / accessibility center)


Thanks so darn much!


Google has an amazing English-to-russian keyboard. You'll need to have an EN keyboard. For example, mine is in portuguese. I've just add the english and still using portuguese. When I switch to russian, I type the phonetic transcription and it turns to russian when I press space!

PS: You'll need the english keyboard thing just because it in theory pick letters from english to RUS, so even if it's the same thing in another keyboard, you'll need to do it.

PS2: You can put shortcuts to alternate swiftly between keyboard. Mine are control+shift+ ... (1) - Portuguese (2) - Japanese (3) - Russian Hope it help :)


Да, i have the keyboard on google for russian. So i can start practicing my russian typing


so you would have all letters but A E O K M T on your interface?

that's why they are telling you how to switch your keyboard, which makes a lot more sense

I bet many would THEN nargle for H being N, or press a B because it's not a V.. or is it? .. huh? Russian has no Y, what is it doing here? :P

and so on.. or the confusion of I J or not to mention those below you might as well: yes:

well allright, you -could- add those letters that are out of bound(arie)s and have their unique sounds such as

ж х ц ч ш щ э ю я

and the "softeners" ъ ы ь

(see I left out the D L G and so on because they are no "unique combinations", they just look different.. just like you could take that X for a(n) H or the JU/JA)

so maybe they -could- add those "sound letters" just like other languages have their unique combinations added

so that no one has to argue whether it's -sz- or -zhe- for a Ж for example

but you can't expect them to make a whole alphabet that has more than 25/26 letters fit below the line there.. and still be handy especially on a mobile phone


I'm using this website to type in Cyrillic: http://winrus.com/keyboard.htm


if you have swiftkey on your touchphone, or even google keyboard, i think, you can just download the Russian keyboard and then swipe your spacebar left or right to switch between languages


In this sentence я sounds like "yeh", but on it's own it sounds like "yah" as in the word YArd, is this right?


Yes, It's supposed to be pronounced like "Ya" in "Yacht" or "Yard": http://www.alphadictionary.com/rusgrammar/pronounc.html

I've noticed that things are being pronounced differently in the sentence and on their own, so I'm going to reference this site if I'm ever unsure.


But yacht and yard have a different A sound!!?


Not sure how you pronounce them, but I say "Y-ahh-t" and "Y-ahh-rd".


Yeah, I pronounce the a's in yacht and yard the same. I think it's part of the cot-caught merger (speaking of which, do you pronounce cot and caught the same?).



I just go ... "yeh".


It sounds like "я" is being pronounced as "ee-ah." I know people have already asked about the pronunciation, but does anybody know if it is pronounced as "ee-ah" or "yah?"


just 'yah', there's no 'ee' sound at the beginning.


alright, having a name in the listening section is super confusing. I thought this was a mispronunciation of "yes, I'm HERE" - how am I supposed to know this guy's name is TIM? It's accented!


I've this onscreen keyboard and works good; http://www.winrus.com/keyboard.htm. Make a partition of your screen, you should type and get the corresponding meaning in cyrillic.


Я is 'I am'? I don't understand


Я is 'I'. So, it literally says "I Tim". The 'am' is implied. Russian omits the present tense of "to be" except in rare cases.


Awesome, thanks!


First I was Jenny, now Im Tim?!


Is there a setting so the lessons/quizzes will present their Russian text in Cyrillic? I find it distracting when the exercise asks me to translate transliterated Russian (in Latin characters) into English.


There is! If you're using the web interface, once you enter a lesson, on the top left corner, next to "Tips & notes", there should be a slider with the letters "Aa". If you press it, it will switch to "Яя", and the Russian text will show up in cyrillic.


Thank you so much! That worked.

Using the Android app, the little control button did not show up until I selected to view the full version of the page.


There is an actual Android app. You're currently using the mobile web version.


Omg this is why Russians speaks english the way they do? Dropping articles! "Very strong, like bull" instead of "like a bull"


In my experience (my S/O is a Russian speaker) it leads to difficulties in figuring out when to use "the" or "a"/"an". But they tend to have trouble too figuring out when not to use an article at all.


I love languages for this reason. You learn why people speak the way they do in terms of both diction and pronunciation :) in my native tongue (haitian creole), the personal pronouns he/she do not exist, so Haitian students mix those up too lol


Whats the difference between я and мой


Я = I

Мой = My (referring to a word of male gender)


How do you pronounce тим


you say it like team but with a deep voice kinda


hi i am new can any of you be my friend


My answer is Wright


Wright...Phoenix Wright.




I love how much ''I am'' in russian is pronounced so much like someone saying ''jag är'' in Swedish, which means ''I am''. Makes it much easier to remember for us Swedes.


"There are some who call me... Tim."


Please add cyrillic keyboard! :(


You can add one to your operating system, or better, some plugin to your browser. That way it will be useful in other sites that is not Duolingo!


Yes, please ! I spent so much time to find the Я... Grrr... It was on the key "²"on Tnit keyboard... but it still don't work :-/


That's why I use a transliterating keyboard. It's just easier to type 'ja' and get 'я'. Or 'jo' for 'ё', 'zh' for 'ж', and so on. No hunt and peck. The best would be to use the Russian keyboard layout, of course, but the hunt and pecking doesn't really help when you're learning the language.


The 'hunt and peck' is the same as when learning to use a keyboard. No problem, just try and type 10 times the alphabet each day and try to do it as fast as you can. You'll learn your way around the keyboard pretty soon!


You can use google IME, download the russian version.

Select the option RU at your keyboard preference(next to your clock, notifications, volume, etc)

PS: you NEED to have an english keyboard installed. Mine is portuguese, but I needed to download an "english" keyboard since the russian keyboard make a conversion english -> Russian. For example, you tipe dom and it turns it to "дом" when you press space or enter. You can also make shortcuts. For example, mine are ctrl+shift+ (1) for portuguese / (3) for russian :)


I'm confused between the pronunciation of 'я' and 'й'. Please help me pronounce them correctly?


You should pronounce 'я' just like 'ya' in 'yard' and 'й' like 'y' in 'pay'. Hope, i helped :)


I have installed a Russian keyboard and I have this little covers for my actual keyboard with Cyrillic letters on it. I'm Dutch, by the way. So it's interesting to follow a discussion about the pronunciation. I only started last week and I still have problems with the alphabet ;-(


Don't worry; now, we're two!


Oh this will be surely a great challenge... Loving starting this language

[deactivated user]

    Sounds like едим


    Sounds a little too much like "Da, il est Tim."


    Да, едем???


    So,I'm from Russia,learning English from Russian,and Russian to English?Why not?Можно ведь так?

    [deactivated user]

      Меня зовут... ... ... Тим?


      How do you pronounce я. That voice doesnt sound so clear


      It is pronounced like the "ya" in yahoo. Hope it helped.


      Its a lot simpler if you guys use this app on your phone, you can easily swap languages on your keyboard on the go by dragging the spacebar left/right, provided you have set the keyboard set to support it. To do that hold the "?" Button to go to your keyboard settings, and then select "add input languages", and then scroll down till you find "Русский" :)


      Why isn't a dash used?


      I couldn't get the question roght because it only had "tom" and not "tim" in the answers


      The red screen covers what I wrote so I don't know what I did wrong. I would like to know so I can fix it in the future.


      Not sure why 'yes I'm Tim' doesn't qualify.....


      The Russian sentence says "Tim", but the only option in English is Tom


      I wrote "да а тим" and it was correct... Why it is correct ? When the correct sentence is "Да, я Тим"


      Duolingo grades things based on letters. Most always if you get only one letter wrong it won't count it as a penalty and will just tell you that you're wrong


      THERE are letters missing on the keyboard to successfully complete the tasks.


      I wanted to do Russian because I have a friend who speaks Russian so I just wanted to practice more so I could understand him and stuff


      walla om jag ser tim en gång till


      So annoying that i and o is right next to eachother. Im accidentally writing Tom instead of Tim all the time


      Autocorrect betrayed me


      It sounds like: Да ячинь


      Just curious if there's a particular reason that "Yes I'm Tim" is flagged incorrect and that "Yes, I am Tim" is what's correct? Am I just expecting to be lazy with my English, or is there a particular reason it's considered to be wrong?


      I see all the time on this app about pronunciation. Have any of you tried other app or even translators. I'm going from English (british english ) to Russian. So many times the same word is pronounced differently by different speakers. I just go with what ever it takes to get a pass on the level.


      How do we pronounce "да" is it "d-a-h"?


      i think she said "jin"


      I got wrong again


      I feel sad :(, because the pronounciation of я тим means orphan in my native language.


      I wrote exactly the same !!!


      I wrote exactly the same. Whete is the mistake???


      Can someone write out how to pronounce the "я" sound? The audio is nit very good--well for me.


      What is the pronunciation of я?


      Take the "y" sound in "yes", so that you have something like "ya"? There you go.


      I want to be a astronaut which language I should learn


      I want to be a astornut so which language I should learn tell me now


      Yes, I am not Tim


      Собачёныши, ****!


      I accidentally clicked me instead of I'm


      My answer was corrected but told me i was wrong???


      Меня зовут Нарнедра

      Learn Russian in just 5 minutes a day. For free.