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Reading speed

Hello there,

first of all: Thanks a lot to the developer team! I can now totally cope with my university Russian class, as I can learn on duolingo at the same time (much more fun!). :)

Still, I was wondering about how fast the words/sentences are read out. As an absolute greenhorn, it's quite difficult to get an idea of how you actually pronounce the different words. Maybe the speed could be increased after several levels or progressively.

What do you think, does anyone have the same impression?

November 4, 2015



I believe there are two speeds at which you can listen to words/sentences (when you are asked to write what you hear). This format has been used across the other languages on Duolingo as well, so I'm not sure if Russian would be any special exception to this, though I do agree your suggestion is quite a good one :)

[deactivated user]

    I can understand a lot of it, because I am a Slavic, so I don't have problems with that. You can copy-paste every phrase into Google Translate and check the pronunciation if you want (And I recommend to find an IPA alphabet for every single word).


    Thanks for your answers. It actually got better in the lessons I'm on now, maybe it was just the case in basic one or it had something to do with the option speakers on/off in the general settings. I had them turned off and just had words/phrases read out, I wasn't familiar with yet and that then was quite speedy...

    @stephapus: The problem wasn't the listening exercices. I think that the "slower-button" used in them is brilliant. I was actually wondering about the reading speed in general, for the other exercises.


    Any unfamiliar language is going to seem fast initially. It takes time to get used to the different sounds.


    Of course, my first intents to understand French failed poorly :D

    That's why I suggested an increasing speed for the "read outs". This would be especially useful for languages with different alphabets (eg RU), but of course it would also be helpful for any other language.

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