Stream issues

I can only go ~20 "minutes" back in my stream (I mean chronologically through the activity) and then I start to see only my posts. I know for sure that this can't be because the people I follow haven't done any activity. This has been the case for about two days and I just wanted to know if there's a fix.

November 20, 2013


This is what I'm dealing with:

As you can see there's some activity from another user (hohenems) and the last activity is 29 minutes ago and then bam it only shows my activity from 7+ hours ago.

I still see stream messages directed to me several days ago, how about you?

Yeah, I can still see everything that has to do with me, but no activity from other users..

Overnight, a lot of entries in my merged stream seem to have disappeared. The corresponding items in my friends' streams which had created them still exist though. However, unlike kaiengle, I can delve several hours into my own stream before I begin to lose all trace of my friends' entries.

Same here.

edit: It's now less than an hour.

Same for me.

EDIT: Switched to ~1 hour for me, too. Maybe this is some kind of performance buffer they can activate if the server load gets to high. (Just guessing)

Same here. It only shows me what I did. I already KNOW what I did and said - I don't need an owl to tell me that (yet ;-)

Ditto. I can go back 38 minutes, then it switches to only my activity.

I can now scroll back at least 24 hours (I stopped there).

Works again for me too!

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