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  5. "Do you have milk?"

"Do you have milk?"

Translation:У тебя есть молоко?

November 4, 2015



I wrote exactly: "U tebya est’ moloko?" and it's me telling me it's wrong and then correcting me to the exact same text.


Perhaps I am wrong, but it is my understanding that "е" = Ye and "э" = e


I have the same understanding. But it's telling me that the correct answer is "U tebya est’ moloko?", which is also the answer I wrote. But I will try with "ye" the next time.


It did the same for me, I wrote "u tebya est moloko" and it corrects me and says "U tebya est' moloko?", there's almost no difference :/ I thought Duolingo didn't care about big or small letters ("U" or "u"), questions marks or stress marks / apostrophes (´, `, '). :S


Hi all! I'm confused about when to say У тебя есть молоко and when the "есть" is skipped. Like could we say У тебя молоко. In an other sentence I believe it was just "I have mother" instead of "a mother" was it not? Or am I confused?


What is the difference between 'you have' as a statement and 'do you have' as a question?


Based on what I have learned so far, the only difference is the Tone of Voice; the phrase being said like a statement vs. a question.


Can I say "Yest u tebya moloko"?


What's the difference between тебя and вас ?


тебя is the familiar, as with close friends or family, and вас is the formal address for your elders or for superiors in the workplace, etc.


What is the difference between тебя andнаше?


"У тебя молоко есть?" should have been accepted, methinks.


statement does not identify whether the person is familiar or formal.


When to put "ест" and when to put "есть" I am really confused, I always get that as a typo


An unending loop of wrongness! I keep entering it correctly and it keeps saying that the right answer is wrong but the example is exactly what I wrote. You’re pissing me off.


I wrote: у тебя естъ молоко several times and it corrects me saying the exact same thing...where is the difference, please? And what can I do to go further?


Im having the same issue, i type word for word and i get it wrong


I write exactly as it says its supposed to, i used all my hearts this is the last question. This sucks because i cant get to the next practice

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