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  5. "Да, извини."

"Да, извини."

Translation:Yes, I'm sorry.

November 4, 2015



So just curious... Извини - Would be i'm sorry.... Извините- Would be excuse me.... Be cause it seems like they have it listed as Извини, could be "I'm Sorry" or "Excuse Me". As you could use that almost interchangeably?


They mean the same.. But "izveni" is informal and friendly, where as "izveniti" is formal.


Remember that "Excuse me" in English is literally a request for forgiveness. So "I'm sorry" and "Excuse me" could be considered interchangeable in English, even though "I'm sorry" tends to be used about past offences and "Excuse me" about present ones (such as while pushing through a crowd, or interrupting someone).


This would be based on formalness/politeness - it's "извини" when you would say "ты", and it's "извините" when you would say "вы".


"Yeah, sorry" is not how I'd translate this. "Yes, I'm sorry." is more fitting and sounds more sincere. It's accepted though, so that's good.


It seems to me "pardon me" should be accepted also, though maybe in Russian it's different. In most speaking "Excuse me" and "Pardon me" are used interchangeably, but some speakers prefer "Excuse me" when interrupting trying to get attention and "Pardon me" after bumping someone or stepping on a toe.


Isn't "извини" rather more abject than "I'm sorry"? The latter is usually pretty lightweight in English. "Yes, forgive me" should at least be accepted.


извини is spoken not clear извини should be pronounced as и-зви-ни or из-ви-ни?

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