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Switching between Rus and Eng keyboards

Hi, I just started learning Russian. I think learning with Cyrillic keyboard is much better so I decided to use it. But I had to switch between English keyboard and Russian keyboard many times during the lesson. Any tips to make my life easier?

November 4, 2015




I figured out how to switch my keyboard today too. On my system I use shift-alt to switch back and forth.


Thanks, this is very helpful.


On Windows, there's a way to add different keyboard layouts to a list so you can switch between them instantly with button combinations like "ctrl+shift+1" or "ctrl+shift+2". I use it a lot.

On Windows 7, you go to Control Panel>Region and Language>Keyboards and Languages>Change keyboards.

Then add whatever languages you want to the list, and then go to "Advanced Key Settings" to give them hotkeys.


On Windows 10 English, + Control Panel + Clock, Language, and Region + Language + Advanced Settings + Switching Input methods + Change language bar hot keys

[deactivated user]

    ctrl+1 POL, ctrl+2 HUN, ctrl+3 RUS :P


    :þ . . . but not Polish so far, which would also be great.


    I think learning with the cyrillic keyboard is definitely the best option!

    I am using mac and I changed the default from something like apple key + the space bar. To the apple key + 0 key, as I found this was much more easier for me. You can also change the default short keys to that of your choosing, just google how to do it for your device, I am sure you will find an easy video about how to do it.


    I have also figured out that ' Windows button + Space ' is also fine. (Win 10)

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