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  5. "Полотенце, пожалуйста."

"Полотенце, пожалуйста."

Translation:Towel, please.

November 4, 2015



I don't get why this sentence is in a plural class. It's a singular! :p Полотенца (the plural form) would fit much better! :)

EDIT: Ok now I get it. It is so I get that e becomes a in plural in another exercice (and to learn towel in its singular form).


I wrote, Towels please. That is what I get for not paying attention! :-


Sorry, messed up my emogi. I meant, :-P


Now play the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy music! Hahahaha


полоте́нце (poloténce) [pəlɐˈtʲent͡sə] "towel": From полотно́ (polotnó, “canvas”) +‎ -це (-ce). Compare Old Church Slavonic платьньце (platĭnĭce) and Sanskrit पट (paṭa, “cloth, garment”).

пожа́луйста (požálujsta) [pɐˈʐalʊstə, pɐˈʐal(ə)stə] "please; you are welcome; here you are": Lexicalization of пожа́луй (požáluj, "maybe; I suppose") + -ста (-sta), an obsolete clitic that was used to add emphasis and to signify politeness, of obscure origin. The clitic is no longer used or known to most speakers, even as passive vocabulary, and has essentially disappeared from the language. Accordingly, to modern speakers, the ending of the word пожалуйста is merely a sequence of sounds of indeterminate meaning.


I typed "can I have a towel, please". Which is how it would be translated into English. Nobody would be at the table and simply say "towel, please" just not a real construction.


I think a surgeon might say "towel, please", after being sprayed with blood.


I understand your point, but there is no "Can I have" words in this sentence; it is simply "Towel, please".

Also, I would say "Towel, please", "A pen, please", etc. to someone. I would just be less nice, that's all.


Can anyone think of a good way to remember that please word?


why not "A towel please"?


I write A towel, pleas ? Why it is wrong?

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