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  5. "Вот велосипед."

"Вот велосипед."

Translation:Here is a bicycle.

November 4, 2015



I can't figure why is the word pronounced like that


I can't fully vouch that the computer voice is accurate, but Russian does change its vowel sounds when they are unstressed. The "o" won't sound like a normal Russian "o" because it is unstressed - it should sound more like "a" here.


no in lots of the languages the voice is off.


This only you can know with some grammar classes, usually the 'o' sound like that, only if the word has an accen (wich does not write) sounds lile 'a'


Vot V ye l o s ee p ye d


Thanks buddy


I always wear a top hat and coat with tails when I ride my velocipede.


How are вот and здесь different? They both mean 'here' right?


вот is for "here is" when you give someone something - here is your room, here is your key, here is your flak jacket. здесь is to say something about the current location "here" - here is a bank, the police are here. There is no transaction implied.


Thanks. Until now I always thought these sentences with вот were just about location. I'm finding it hard to learn the nuances without some contextual dialogue or usage notes for the vocabulary, but it's nothing to stress or complain about I guess.


I wrote "here is the bicycle", and the answer was wrong, why is that? The right answer given was "here is the bike" or "here is a bicycle". I didn't understand.


"a" or "the", "bike" or "bicycle" are all correct. If Duo didn't accept it then it needs to be reported so that eventually all the possible right answers can be added by the moderators.


Can someone tell me why "a" is so important? I always forget to add it, and it makes sentense all wrong.


In English we make a difference between a specific thing and a general thing. "the" means the thing is specific - we have just talked about it, or it is unique or there may be many but we are interested in this particular one. "a" means the thing is general - I have never seen it before, or it is just one in a group, there may be many and it doesn't matter which one. Russian works fine without "a" and "the". It is just a necessary part of grammar in English.


how can I write these word in Russian with an English keyboard?


On an Android device, you should be able to download a free Russian version of Google keyboard (with the original Google keyboard, of course).


it lets you just write the sounds, so Bot would be vot


В детстве я много катался на "лясике".


на лисапеде))


на лисапеде кручу педали, кручу педали пока не дали :)


I cannot figure out how to write in Russian using the Roman Alphabet. Why doesn't Duolingo do a little window with the Russian letters like they do with the special Spanish letters. It almost turned my off Russian on this site.


I have the same frustration and it means I cannot complete certain sections and move on with my learning.


I: VIL is tired & lays flat on his magic bicycle; riding around town lazily with a mind of it’s own. VIL sings "LALA" until he SEES his own friend пед doing tricks on his own bicycle.

II: Мой велосипед зеленый

♫ VIL-LA SEE PEE YED Ве ло си пед


How I remember the word for bicycle:

Velos -> Velocity Pede -> Foot


I keep spelling bicycle wrong in English (as bycicle) which is why I got it wrong


Does anyone else fina it annoying how exactly accurate it has to be? I accidentally wrote "I'm" instead of "I am" once and I got the whole thing wrong


Hello, I need help ! How can I write in Russian ? I am French and my computer has only a azerty keyboard. Thank you !


Seems to be from French vélocipède (shorten in "vélo" in modern French).


how do you say this


Ve vyo See pee yed is accepted during the speaking lesson so it's right


I never remember wether it's bycicle or bicycle


Here is my bike. What is wrong with 'bike'?


"Bike" is accepted. But there is no "my" in the Russian sentence.


i hope @duolingo will be putting some basic grammar notes somewhere for those interested in seeing them (like one for each topic), but most importantly i need a(n updated) list of the words i learnt/am learning.. without it it's difficult to keep up with things :(


Tips are available for almost every skill in the web version. If you study from the app you can access tips by opening the duolingo site in your mobile browser.

Vocabulary: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/14445098


I wrote "here is the bicycle" and it said it's wrong, i am cofused, is "a bicycle" realy different then "the bicycle"?

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