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Question on Cyrillic answers.

How come when I type my answer in Cyrillic, I get told the answer is wrong, but when I type it phonetically I get told that my answer is correct and then it gives me the Cyrillic option as another correct answer?

November 4, 2015



I am not sure, but do you have to select cyrillic by pressing the switch on the top? Could be that your in phonetic mode and it doesn't accept answers in cyrillic in this mode.

Or it could just be for a specific question that doesn't have your answer as an option yet, if so you can submit a report.


That is a possibility, I haven't tried switching modes yet, I saw a little thing pop up on screen to tell me I could, but then when it went away, all I saw was a quit button. What does the switch at the top look like?


It is a grey Aa in a circle, top left when in a lesson. Press it and it will slide to the right and change to Яя.

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