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Sentence Translation Missing

When I'm working on a Lesson (Spanish), I usually read the discussion pop-up after the sentence has been translated. I've noticed that for many of the sentences no translation shows up. Is this a glitch or are those translations undergoing changes or something?

Also, as a related issue, is it possible to show when the comments were made in the Sentence discussions like they are in the main discussion forums? A lot of people post "I tried X translation and it wasn't accepted", but it turns out that comment was made a year ago, and now it has been added. The dates would really help me to parse the relevant information.


November 20, 2013



Missing sentence translations is a glitch and they are working on it.

As far as I know there is no option that makes those dates (time stamps) visible, if you're asking for that.


Thanks for the info. I knew it probably wasn't possible to make the time stamps visible, but was just throwing it out there are a recommendation to the developers. It would also make the discussions a little more uniform across the platform.


The reason why time stamps are removed after a weak is because Duolingo team concluded they are not relevant in sentence discussions after that period. In fact when we had time stamps there was more people complaining (and cluttering sentence discussions in the process) as to why certain questions weren't answered. Some of them were thinking that the job of duolingo staff is to answer our language/sentence related questions (even I thought that way in the beginning :( ) I think removing time stamps was one of the smarter decisions Duolingo has made.


I'm confused. Why would time stamps automatically imply that someone must answer a post? Surely, it's the same as the regular discussion posts?

I also think that time stamps are important in a program that is constantly changing. The sentences are the most vital component of this. If an answer is marked incorrect, people go looking for a reason why. If later, after people have submitted enough reports, it gets accepted as a valid answer then the previous discussion is no longer relevant. Also if there is conflicting information in a thread, the time stamps help us figure out which is most recent and most likely to be correct.


This is only information I have http://www.duolingo.com/comment/484221 (I couldn't find this thread until now) . I should have made it clear that what I wrote about time stamps is just my guess.


I was just about to post a thread about missing translations in the Spanish section - thanks for doing it.

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