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  5. "У тебя есть камень?"

"У тебя есть камень?"

Translation:Do you have a stone?

November 4, 2015



Can this sentence also be translated as Do you have the stone?? If yes, then I will use it to take the Philosopher's stone from that damn maggot of Harry Potter!


you shall not harm harry potter!!!!

"У тебя есть камень?" is a question about general stone. if you were talking about a specific stone you'd say "камень У тебя?" (assuming the other person knows what stone you mean). and if it was me.. I'd play it stupid.. I wouldn't tell you that I have the philosopher's stone!! :P


So, the sentence you wrote is emphasizing on the word stone more than on the fact that you have it? Like "THE STONE, DO YOU HAVE IT? GIVE IT TO ME HARRY!".


Harry... you are a wizard! No Hagrid, I'm just Harry!


гарри поттер


@Aku: the official translation uses Г.


Wouldn't that be Харри Поттер?


That looks like it would read, Gary Potter. I'm not sure that has quite the same ring to it, lol. I guess it is closer than Ларри Поттер. Anyway, joking aside, Thanks, that is interesting.


Who would ever say " Do you have the stone?" . This sentence really makes me laugh.


Just in case Димитрий is trying to stab you with a broken bottle


It's a conversation at the first public stoning :))


Ahh, but you see, the first rule of stoning is:


Maybe it's a group of geology students on a field trip.


I was wondering that as well, but I believe (not sure) the same word is also used for gems and jewels. Maybe a collector?


In some cultures, a stone placed on a grave marker is a sign of respect.

A grave marker with many stones on it shows that there have been a lot of visits/visitors.


It's a damn sight more likely than "Do you have rock?"!


I'll trade you 2 sheep for that rock


yeah. like "do you have a pen?"


You should ask Harry to give you a Cyrillic keyboard !


Ручка У тебя, right? (у тебя without capital is right too?)


yes it's lower y.. sorry I'm copying text all over the place cause I don't have a russian keyboard.

so again ("eshe raz" :P)

"ruchka u tebya?" => "do you have THE pen?" "u tebya est ruchka?" => "do you have A pen?"


He said calmly.


You shall have my philosopher's stone!

I mean lingot


I have detailed instructions on how to use the Windows Russian Mnemonic keyboard, so you can type Russian using your English keyboard. Let me know if you'd like me to post those. If you're using an Apple computer, you can look here for leads into how to do that:



i see you everywhere


what a strange question.


oh really. You never know in Russia!


You can't have been long with Duolingo. .....This is normal


Not at all. This question might be in the Bible, in the story about David against the giant.


I was more thinking of the movie The Fifth Element.

Now I need to know the Russian for "Leeloo Dallas Multipass".


It isn't If you keep in mind that "камень" also may mean hashish in slang.


I looked this up and couldn't find any evidence of it, although I did find this in Wiktionary with some interesting definitions:

  1. stone, rock
  2. (medicine) calculus, stone
  3. (figuratively) weight
  4. cliff
  5. (computing slang) processor

Processor is a pretty interesting one, and might make this question useful!



Wouldn't 'Do you have stone?' also be a correct translation? I mean in a sense like when you ask for stone as a material i.e.

I am a bit confused as I can't find any part in this Russian sentence that says it is supposed to be 'a' stone.

Is there any way to distinguish stone (single piece) from stone (material)?



Yes, this would be right, too. I'll report it with the comment about the material.


Hi Olimo,how are you today? Thank you for your presence. May I ask you? : is this "stone" a ring,engaged ring perhaps? Because in Russia,you have stone mines as topaz or malachite.


"Камень" is not a ring itself, but this word can be used for gems, too. A more full term is "драгоценный камень" ("precious stone").


Is it like in German the word "Edelstein"?


Your sentence makes sense too, unless there's context to specify otherwise. It's accepted now :)


Yes, and I am not sharing! Get your own!


Excellent avatar-comment synergy.


When you play Minecraft with your Russian friend xdxdxd


When would anyone EVER say this?


When one wants to draw a stone and needs a reference.


Someone's never been on a lousy halloween tour apparently.


Construction? Renovation? "I don't like these synthetic countertops. Do you have stone?"


Does the word change depending on the size of the stone? (Pebble, stone, rock)?


"Камень" has the broadest meaning. A pebble may be called "камешек" (the diminutive of "камень"). The official term is "галька", but it is a collective noun.


Thank you for satisfying my curiousity, olimo! :)


What are different Russian words for various rocks, like limestone, sandstone, granite, gneiss and whatnot?


If you can't find these special words in your dictionary, you can always check Wikipedia. Go on the English limestone page and then choose the Russian language version of the page. It is a great source.


Interesting fact that can help to remember these words:

  • камень = stone
  • камин = fireplace

It seems they have some kind of link as long as old fireplaces used to be made of stone.

Is this guess right? Do these words have also other meanings?


And indeed you might be right. The word камин came via the Latin "caminus" = "oven, hearth" into several European languages. It was borrowed from Greek "κάμινος" (kaminos) and that again is suspected to come from the Protoslavic "kamy" = "stone" (among other suspects). So, it might really be the same word after a long travel through half of Europe.


Could you ask this to somebody, referring to a kidney stone? Like we do in English? Like, you get back from the doctor and a family member says something like "Did they find a stone?/do you have a stone?"

I did look up Kidney Stone on google translate, just out of curiosity. почечный камень is what it is, apparently. I guess this is just a kind of specific stone, haha.


"Yes, a rolling one"!!!!


That would be "рок". :о)


The stoning scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian instantly came to my mind.


"There aren't any Женщин here, are there?"

"Нет!" "Нет!"


Is it kamén' or kámen'?


The first one, kámen/кАмен.


It's kinda funny, "kamen" means "mask" in Japanese. (but of course it's pronounced differently- Kah-meh-n, like "kah" and the English word 'men')

I was just reminded because of the Majora's Mask profile pic. "Majora no Kamen" is the game's JP title.


It does not sound natural to say "you've" in an instance like this.


Hmmm, do you have a rock. That should be correct.


From reading the comments I see that the translation of this sentence has changed a lot. Now, the right answer come as "do you have rock?". That's wrong, in English.

With the exception of one mentioned meaning, this sentence in Russian is inadequate for almost anyone beginning to study a language. If it was only one or two sentences... But there are so many that don't make sense.

There are exercises repeating wether we have or don't have doors "Do we have doors?". No, we don't. Unless one's working in a construction store, we normally don't have doors. Our buildings, houses, cars, rooms, have doors.

We do very much appreciate your efforts and work, so it's a pity to waste it in exercises which are not the best for our learning, while they could be changed. This is simply a suggestion. It would raise the quality of Duolingo, I think.

Best regards

PS . In the application I'm using most of the times, I can report, but can't say why.


We boutta get high with the boys


"Stone" will fit well into the next conversation you have about a motor and horse. While other people are talking about cell phones, laptops and startups, we can talk about really relevant things.


Why do questions in russian sound like answers. I mean the tone of them. If i just heard thid, i would have never thought it was a question


Does камень not mean fireplace aswell? Do you have a fireplace at home?


No, it is "камин", with a stress on И.


This is a very silly sentence


I've got rock, Rock n Roll!!

[deactivated user]

    У меня всегда кирпичик с собой


    Is Камень possible to be used as a nickname for the drug crack in Russian like it is in Portuguese? If yes, I'm thinking on an image to post here, but unfortunately right now im on the phone :/


    Is this "stone" as in a grave?


    My answer was, 'do you have a rock?' but the correct solution was shown to be 'do you have rock', which is grammatically incorrect in English


    I guess someone was annoying person who asked for that stone...


    Loving the discussion though. Laughing so much I could cry


    Of course i do. Doesn't everybody just carry a stone around in their pocket?


    Can камень be used like the British weight measurement "stone"?


    wait a second? what about камня?


    Камня would be Genitive. The sentence is literally saying: "Is there to/at/by you a stone?"... so, stone is the subject of the sentence. Therefore, it is in the Nominative (base) case.

    You would see Genitive if the sentence were asking if there is NO stone, because then the concept would be "Is there by you none OF stone"?. This would be "У тебя нет камня"? Of course, the English version would use different words for the concept: "Do you have no stone?"

    So... Genitive is used for negation, for saying "none of something". When you are saying just "something", you use the Nominative. Also, when you are using numbers, like "two of something", or "many of something", then you again use Genitive.

    Is there NONE of stone --> Genitive Is there A LOT OF stone --> Genitive Is there a stone --> Nominative


    Why is it "В ПАРКЕ" but "У ТЕБЯ"? When to use В and when У?


    When a person has something, you use "у ... есть".
    If you remember:
    I have ... = у меня есть ...
    you have ... = у тебя есть ... etc.
    you will do just fine.

    "В" is mostly used when you say "in" in English. Although there are a few exceptions where you use "на". In this case, it is best to remember:
    park = парк, in the park = в парке


    But... is it really any useful to know the translation of "stone" at this stage of learning?! You really don't have any better vocabulary to teach?


    What is the plural of камень?


    Do Russians have a word for "rock" or do they just use "stone"?


    There are even three words for "rock" in Russian. There is "скала", its synonym "утёс" and the word "рок" for the musical one.


    Are "stone" and "rock" two different words in Russian? I feel like it should be the same..


    Hi, I'm reading possession should use genitive. So why is not камень under the genitive form ?


    Russia is a vast country with immeasurable mineral and gemstone reserves. Russia has become s significant diamond miner and manufacturer.  Russian Emeralds are also famous for their exceptional shade and crystal lucidity. Emerald is usually mined near Ekaterinburg near Russia's Ural Mountains.


    Yes, always in my pocket!)))


    Do you have a stone ? Where is the mistake


    Gotta ask your fellow angry mob members if they have some stones to throw XD


    Once and for all.......I ain't got no damm stone , so stop asking !


    Харри Пётор и камень


    Is Duolingo preparing me for Russian Age of Empires tournaments?

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