"Вот мама."

Translation:Here is mom.

November 4, 2015

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Could this not also mean "here mom" as in giving something to her? Or have misunderstood how "вот" is used? Also I apologise if I am not asking this in the right place, I am a first time duolingo user


"вот" is always "here is"(and I think it can be "is here", but don't take my word for it). There are other words for 'here' (здесь is one), but I don't know what they all are yet


"вот" points at somebody/something (even place or time).


Omaestre, I think that if you were giving something to mom you would put a comma "вот, мама."


"Here is mother" was not accepted


If you heard something like "uvoot" , two things are going on: 1) Both English v and Russian v are voiced consonants (meaning the vocal cords are active during their pronunciation). But in Russian, the voice kicks in earlier, giving the impression of a bit of vowel sound before the v. 2) After the v, leading in to the o vowel, there is a moment of what is called labialization, i.e, the lips form to give a slight "oo" sound. Compare Russian "vot" and English "vote" -- there's a big difference.


Thank you! This helps!


Sounds like "vote mama"


What is the difference between вот and здесь?


You can say "вот мама" to a baby showing it its mom. I hardly can imagine any more situations when you say it. And it seems to me that "this is mom" would be better translation.

"Вот" also is used in exclamations: "вот (я/ты) дурак!" (I am/you are so stupid!), "вот, смотри!" (hey, look!). Or when you ask someone (your son for example) to buy you something you can give him money and say "вот (тебе) деньги, пойди купи хлеба". Here it has meaning "take", used when you point at something.

"Здесь" (or less formal "тут") just means "here". If you say phrase above: "здесь деньги, пойди купи хлеба" you either emphasize the place where you put money (e.g. on the table) or emphasize the exact sum "здесь 50 рублей, пойди купи хлеба".

You can say "здесь холодно" (it is cold here) or "вот здесь холодно!" just to stress it emothionally. "Вот" word in this phrase isn't related to your current position because you may say "вот на Аляске холодно!" too.

Sorry if that explanation is too complicated. Never though about these words and nuances are so fine. Native speaker here.


Hey thanks, is there effectivr way to learn the russian alphabet?


Go to Duolingo's website and look up courses on Cryllic. (The Russian alphabet.)


It is the first step to learn the pronunciation of alphabet. Just look for fulfilling speech or accent on some of the learning apps!


Super informative! Thanks!


Very nice explanation, thanks for typing it up!


"Here is" vs. "is here."


Вот is you telling a person here is the object and эдесь is you saying a here is the location


what is the message that's being relayed in this sentence? Does this indicate that "Mom is here"? or are you literally pointing to the person and say "here is ... whatever"?


yes imagine dad pointing to mother and saying to his kid "here's mom, ask her to make you something to eat"


i imagine someone passing the phone off... "nice talking to you, here's mom." hands phone to mom

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    I don't think you can use вот that way, I think you'd be more likely to use эта for phone calls because вот means more something along the lines of 'behold'.


    I entered: это мама . . . help please to understand where i went wrong with that answer


    Slight differences, my friend.

    Это Мама means "THIS/THERE is mom"

    Whereas this sentence translates to "HERE is mom". Different places.


    No. Eto mama = this is mom.


    Где мама? - Вот мама!


    вот джонни! (Just helpin' out!)


    Хело? Да, это Собака.


    You say "Алло" only when answer a phone.


    А вот и Джонни!


    I answered "Mom is here" and it is wrong...


    Here's mom is the same here is mom.


    Вот - указание на предмет или действие. Вот это машина. Вот это, да. Вот, это ух ты. Вот тебе и на. Здесь - указывает на место действия (He is here)

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