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  5. "I am now in the city."

"I am now in the city."

Translation:Я сейчас в городе.

November 4, 2015



Is there a 'time goes before place' rule in Russian? Because I wrote 'я в городе сейчас' and DL did not accept it.


I wrote the same thing, does anyone have an answer for this?


Just use the same word order like is in the question in Duolingo. Usually you can use any word order but the answer sounds more natural and easier for understanding.


The odd thing is that was accepted for in an earlier lesson so naturally, I figured I could do it again. Apparently not.


Native here. Your answer is absolutely correct. There is no error here.


thanks, but what about the word order - why is "я в городе сейчас" wrong?


so I checked the underlined word for city and I typed in the translation in gave me but it was wrong. It said to type in Городом when that is incorrect and I got the answer wrong


Welcome to the world of Russian declension. :) "Город" means "city" in Nom.sing. or Acc.sing., while "городом" is Inst.sing. You can see the full declension table here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/город#Russian In this case you have to use Prep.sing. городе since the preposition в almost always requires it in this case. It can also be used with Acc., but for some other reasons; you will learn about them later.


what is the difference between сейчас and теперь?


Why I have to use городе instead of город


Город is nominative, however the preposition в requires the word that it belongs to (the place/location where the subject is in) is in the preposition case (sixt grammatical case). English doesn't have this, it's part of the grammatical complexity of the Russian language.


I don't know for sure, but i thought this was another example of Russian word order, where the "new" information is placed last for emphasis. Assuming that the emphasis in the English is on the last word city. Городе should go after сейчас.


no? It's because город is in prepositional case


why meste (mesto) isn't accepted does it mean only town not city?


Mesto means place. Not really city


Why cant i use щас instead of сейчас?

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