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  5. "Jeg vil ha en oransje kjole."

"Jeg vil ha en oransje kjole."

Translation:I want an orange dress.

November 4, 2015



Oransje er den nye svart.


Ja, uttales bare som oransj, ingen e. PS: den nye svarte


Why is it ha and not har?


'ha' is part of the infinitive tense 'å ha', which is used after a modal verb such as 'kan', 'vil', 'må', etc...

'har' is the present tense.


It will be discussed in a later topic.


At this point, I just look at it as Vil ha = want.


When is "ønsker" used?


How do I say "Can I have an orange dress?" - Kan jeg ha en oransje kjole, takk?" Just curious...


I think your sentence can be used but it may depend upon the intention of your question. By this I mean if you are asking 'Am I allowed to have an orange dress?' or 'Do I have the option of having an orange dress?' I think your sentence may work with my first sentence whereas, I think the second would be 'Kan jeg få en oransje kjole'.

I am learning norsk so I may be way off with my suggestion and understanding but hopefully it may point you in the right direction to satisfy your curiosity.

Lykke til!


Why is it "one orange dress" and not "a orange dress" ? I'm a bit confused how you would otherwise say "a orange dress" ...


"an orange dress" would have been accepted.

You use the indefinite article "a" before nouns that begin with a consonant sound, and "an" before nouns that begin with a vowel sound.

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