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"I am having a party on my birthday."

Translation:Jeg har fest på bursdagen min.

November 4, 2015



Why is it not "en fest"?


Why is it simply "fest" not "en fest?"


Why is there no "en" in front of "fest"?


"jeg har en fest på bursdagen" was not accepted. But "jeg vasker håret" is translated "I am washing MY hair. It is more likely, that I wash the hair of another person, than that i have a party on another person's birthday. Det forstår jeg ikke.


Norwegian tend to omit the possessive only when it's something related to your body, such as clothing and body parts. It should be present other cases.


I noticed that when talking about family members too.


Same comment as several others. Jeg har fest = I am having a party. Why no "en" in front of "fest?"


How do you tell when the possessive goes before or after the word that is being possessed? Does that question make any sense? Sometimes I see the "min" come before, like in English where "my" always comes before the possession. Then there are sentences like this one where "min" comes after "bursdagen" and I haven't been able to figure out what the difference is.


"min bursdag" or "bursdagen min"

I have heard both of the following explanations: "min bursdag" is more formal/old-fashioned/Danish/bokmålish, whereas "bursdagen min" is more dialectical. It is less Danish and Swedish, for sure. The other explanation is that "min bursdag" puts more emphasis on the fact that it is one's own birthday, so "min" is emphasized.

I do not know which of the explanations is more correct, or if both are.


That's helpful, thank you!


This question is 5 years old and I see several questions asking why the "en" before "fest" isn't being used here and see no answers. Can someone please explain?

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