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"this news"

Translation:эта новость

November 4, 2015



Эти новости as a possible answer?


that'd be "these news"


English speakers, correct me please if I'm wrong, but I think 'news' is an uncountable noun (like water).

So, in my opinion "this news" should be a possible translation for "эти новости".

However, "these news items" uses 'these' instead of 'this' since it changes because of 'items' and not because of 'news'...


A little off-topic and I might be wrong in this (not native English speaker), but there is no such thing as "news items". The word "new" doesn't receive a plural version in here, only the object does, so the proper English would be "these new items"


In my example, (these news items), I believe 'news' is not an adjective, at least not a regular one...

You can search "news items" in Google and see that it is used quite a lot.


Oh...ok, I totally misunderstood that. You are right! news in this case is like "news of recent events"


(Native english) If you were going to refer to multiple news stories, i.e. 'these news', you would just use another noun. Like 'stories', 'events' or 'reports'. While uncountable, its used singularly. It would come naturally to say "newses" but sound wrong, so you'd just use another word.


I noticed the similarity between the words новость and новый but how does the -ость suffix change the meaning of the word and are there any more examples of it?


жи́дкий, жи́дкость

отве́тственный, отве́тственность

незави́симый, незави́симость

и т. д. ))


Is етот новость possible?


*этот ;-)

No, новость is femimine, and этот is the masculine form.


The problem with this example is that there is insufficient context to define what the phrase means. "Have you read this news?" is the only context I can think of. But many people would use "have you read the news about..."


Is 'news' singular in Russian?


новость is singular. There is a plural version that you use with plural adjectives. In English "news" is uncountable.


I don't have it. Wouldn't you say "these news" or "this new" in english? " "this news " sounds weird to me


(Disclaimer: non-native) "news" is like the news from the newspaper, and it is undeclinable. Both singular and plural are "news".
"This news" is a single news about a single event, like "I just read this news about North Korea launching missiles across the globe" "These news" is plural. More than one news, like "I've read these news about a new technology being created to prevent global warming. None of them provides meaningful details about it, though" Hope that helps


You can't say "these news" - you always say this news. (I'm native English)


^Accurate, in English "news" is uncountable and is always treated as singular. There are kind of exceptions such as "These news stories" but that is taking the plural from the stories not news.


Thank you very much for this reply (that I'm only seeing now).


thank you, it helps !


My kindle does not support Russian characters. What should I do?


There should be a globe icon next to your spacebar will hold it down and see if it offers languages. Then when you want to change back and forth you just hold on to the space bar.

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