Are we supposed to see the Cyrillic from the beginning of the Russian coure, or are we first learning with Latin alphabet ? How do I easily get an on-screen keyboard?

November 4, 2015


In regards to Cyrillic, just tap the small 'Aa' icon on the top left whilst in a lesson and it will change to Cyrillic, you can change it back anytime you wish.

See the sticky in regards to keyboards, (found here: or just google 'on screen keyboard for Mac' or substitute Mac for Windows X and you will no doubt find a video about how to turn it on. For Mac it's pretty easy to set up Russian with on screen keyboard if you wish, and I image for Windows it's the same.

Thank you :) I didn't know about the Aa

I apologize if I'm stupidly missing something, but I can't see any Aa icon while I'm in lesson, not sure if it has to do with my computer resolution or anything like that. Does someone have a picture as an example?

Hello, I also wrote a post on the Russian keyboard and a sticky on-screen one:

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