"There is no juice in the menu."

Translation:В меню нет сока.

November 4, 2015

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В меню нет сока and сока нет в меню is the same exact thing


You can also write "Нет сока в меню.", but it says that is incorrect. You should really do something about it, because in Russian word order is not important as in English, and one sentence you can say in many different ways.


нет сока в меню. Какая разница? Вообще..


Why "Там нет сока в меню." is incorrect?


your translation is too literate, and in this case it just sounds weird in russian..i don't know why in english you have to add "there" if you already specify the place (menu).. but it's unneeded here in russian.


Would В be the only preposition to use with menu, or could На be used as well?


apparently not, i got this one as a multiple choice where that was one of the options and it was marked wrong.

[deactivated user]

    Do you have to include the preposition. I put menyu net soka. What would that translate to?

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