"Мой офис там."

Translation:My office is there.

November 4, 2015

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When do you choose моя vs мой


Моя - singular feminine gender
Мой - singular masculine gender
Моё - singular neuter gender

Мои - plural of all genders


What does 'офиса' mean?


So what is the difference between офис and офиса?


о́фиса is the genitive singular form of офис.


You would use for example after нет or B and some other prepositions.

Здесь нет офиса. (There is no office here) Я уже в офиса. (I am already in the office.)

Otherwise you would use офис or the plural офисы.

There are some other forms for other cases but for now just worry about these. :)


Я уже в офисЕ =)


Hopefully somebody could update with the correct information, but it might be a gendered thing. I'm getting this in my practice as "Мой офис там." or "Моя офиса там." and was super confused - maybe the pronoun is affecting the noun?


im a noob but i understand the two sentences you just said in order as: My office is there and My offices are there. I think the noun affects the pronoun here but im not sure but I think it goes both ways always what you questioned.


so I think the first pronoun is not plural because the person wants to say he has multiple offices in a singular place like a group is singular in a lot of languages?


I wrote "there is my office" instead of "my office is there" and it was marked wrong. Is there a huge difference between the two?


'There is my office' tends to imply that the office is near to the speaker, as in the same building, while 'my office is there' implies that the office is farther away. It could be in a different city, county or even a different country!


Now that make sence, thanks!!!


Native speakers! Is the explanation of Elijah true? Once I (German Speaker from Austria) learned, that the positions for lokal specifications at the beginning and the end of a sentence are interchangeable.


Would "There is my office work?" Thanks :)


You can find my comment here useful: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11463927 "There is my office" should be translated as "Там мой офис".


Ok, thanks so much!


There are no options to choose from and no keyboard so it just keeps repeating and I can make no progress/finish the lesson! Very frustrating!


I've had sentences where I put it мой and got it marked wrong and corrected to мои. But here, they appear to be looking for мой with the й. Was that just a bug before, or is there a significant difference here?


мои is for plural, мой is for singular. мои друзья (my friends). мой друг (my friend).


Спасибо, mijn stroopwafel!


Haha who would've thunk that I would encounter my beloved stroopwafels in a Russian language thread! This made my day :)


Are мои and мой supposed to be very similar phonetically? I'm having trouble hearing the difference.


Мой - moy. Мои - ma-yee.


Мой - one syllable

Мои - two syllables (stress on the last, thus the o sounds like "a")


why is "there is my office" wrong?


Why "My office's there" is wrong?


English doesn't contract words ending in an "s" sound with the word "is". Probably because phonetically this contraction does not shorten the utterance.

Also, you many want to phrase this type of question as Why is ____ wrong? to sound more natural.

By the way, learning a new language via a second language is impressive!


I feel I'm pronouncing this correctly but the app seems to disagree. Not sure what I'm doing wrong?


Im a bit confused about the difference between when to use вот and там.


Why isn't "my office there" accepted? Там has a different form for that or something?


Where did we learn the genders of nouns?


Each noun has a gender, but it can be tricky to learn. A good rule to remember is that if a noun ends in a consonant, it's probably masculine. If it ends in an а or я, it's probably feminine. If it ends with an о, it's probably neutral, and if it ends in и or ы, it's probably plural.

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