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Duolingo made a Hetalia reference!

So I'm working on my Russian and the site tells me to translate the sentence: "Is it America or Canada?". I started laughing so hard. Poor Canada. (Who's that? A reference to the show. No offense to real Canadians, or people who are part Canadian!)

November 4, 2015



I'm not so sure that's an intended reference. It wouldn't be uncommon for someone uncertain about the country boundaries to ask if a place is in America or Canada.

This just reminds me of when someone on YouTube said "X is a rarity" and many people left comments saying they made an MLP reference - completely oblivious to the fact that "rarity" is a word.


Oh no, I didn't mean that it was an intended reference! Sorry...


Also love your profile pic


thinks about it wait a minute.. I'm too late to the party :pensive:

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