Bonus Skills

So, three bonus skill slots opened up for me and I bought the Nynorsk and Norway, and they showed up at first, but now they are gone. Is this something that wasn't supposed to show up? And will I still have both on their return?

November 4, 2015


They were released for a little while, but apparently there were some technical problems and they had to be rolled back. That's all I know for now, but rest assured the developers are working on it. :)

Eg...kan...ikkje...vente...meir! haha I hope they come soon ^^

I can't wait!! :D

Ahh Nynorsk -- that is awesome ^_^ Looking forward to the release.

Nynorsk is interesting. But I could get mess in my head. :)

I will use this thread - are there still no bonus skills or I just can't find them?
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Still no Bonus skills. :0 (

Oh that's sad. I was hoping something for Halloween or Christmas. Maybe later :) Thanks for reply.
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Bare hyggelig. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And maybe someday we'll have Stories, too!

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