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Does "activity details" start forgetting their skills?

I am using Duolingo as homework for my class. I have been keeping track of their progress by monitoring the number of skills they have accomplished under activity details. Of late, it has been "forgetting" or kicking students back in their skill level.

For example, Tyler had 42 skills last week and now he is down to 16. Why is that? If they don't continually go back and practice, does it take skills away?

November 4, 2015



Hello! Although they "decay" (do not always stay golden), we do not take skills away for not practicing. Are you guys learning German? We recently updated the German course to a super tree with more skills and even more lessons within the existing skills. Is it possible that new lessons were added to some of Tyler's unlocked skills, lessons that he had not seen before? Does that help explain things?


German, yes. If the "super tree" additions were the culprit, I would assume this would affect all my students. As it stands, only a few are affected.

Other ideas??


In that case, it might be a bug. We will look into it!


How is the research coming? Meanwhile, more and more of my students' skills are being forgotten.

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