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"My son is teaching geography at a school."

Translation:Benim oğlum bir okulda coğrafya öğretiyor.

November 4, 2015



Do you really have to count me wrong if I put okulda before oglum ? I had "Okulda oglum cografya ogretiyor (with all the accents obviously).


"Okulda" would, I think be interpreted as "at the school" -- this has "at a school", and you need "bir okulda", to my knowledge.

And since "at a school" is new knowledge (it's not a school you had talked about previously, or you would have used "the"), putting it first sounds odd to me though I'm not sure whether it's actually wrong.


this is a very good explanation :)


Could I say "öğreter" here instead of "öğretiyor"?


it is "öğretir", not "öğreter"; and using the aorist tense in this sentence sounds very odd in Turkish.


"Oğlum coğrafya bir okulda öğretiyor." was rejected. I don't get this with the word order. I mean, "bir okulda" is in the locative case so there should be no confusion of what is being taught. Is there only one correct word order here??


it is wrong because an indefinite object (coğrafya in this case) always comes right before the verb.

but locative and the subject can switch places (correct but still sounds a bit odd)


Okay , thank you for that information. :) So, you are implying that it is a "different story" as for an definite object (like coğrafyayı, in this case) then?


Is benim necessary here.olum means my son.am i right


Bir okulda oğlum coğrafya öğretiyor ... Why is this wrong?

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