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"Üzgünüm ama sana üzücü bir şey söyleyeceğim."

Translation:I am sorry but I will tell you something sad.

November 4, 2015



Üzgünüm means I am sad or I am sorry? Is it commonly used for I am sorry?


It most certain is :)


I am sorry, but I am going to tell you something upsetting. (How a native English speaker would say this.)


upsetting instead of sad is not good here ?


I suppose it works. I am adding it now.


When I used sad I was corrected to bad. I looked at the prompts and there were only sad or upsetting. Would bad not be fena or kotu? (No Turkish keyboard, sorry)


Would özür dilerim be okay to use for "I am sorry" instead of üzgünüm?


Is "i am sorry but I will tell you a sad thing" wrong? I am a native English speaker and it seems a bit awkward but not inherently incorrect (then again, my perception of correctness in English language is very malleable and doesn't necessarily comply with the idea of correctness conceptualised by standard English)

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