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  5. "Здравствуй, Вера."

"Здравствуй, Вера."

Translation:Hello, Vera.

November 4, 2015



Why is it здравствуй and not здравствуйТЕ as it was in the previous lesson of this skill? Is it agreeing with number and/or gender of person addressed?


the TE corresponds to the вы form, formal or plural; while здравствуй is used to people you address with "ты"


Then why does it not accept "Hi, Vera"?


Personally I believe it should be an answer. but to be a bit pedantic, hi is even more casual than "hello" and the casual way to greet in russian is "привет". that being said, there's really no difference


Yes, "Hi" is more casual than "Hello", but it's not quite as casual as Привет seems to be. For example, an English speaker can say "Hi" to his/her boss even though there's probably still some formality between the two people. "Hey" (used between friends and close acquaintances) might be the closer equivalent to Привет.

(In personal emails and chats, I've also used "Hey you" or "Heya" (which is my own shorthand for "Hey ya" though I'm not sure if anyone else uses it)).


Heya or hiya are used by a lot of people. :)


Because здравствуте means hello, and привет means hi


Great, thanks for the explanation.


I think its just that здравствуйте is more formal than здравствуй but they both mean the same thing


i found this in internet :

Здравствуйте is plurar form of the verb здравствуй. In russian verbs can be plural.

In case of здравствуйте it means to greet a group of people. Also you greet a single person with plural здравствуйте to express respect. So you don’t greet an older person with singular здравствуй, this would be very rude.

And you don’t usually greet a child with plural здравствуйте, this is rather humourous (group of children - yes). And you never greet a group of people with singular здравствуй, this is grammatically incorrect.


Is this valid also when Vera is introducing herself, or just when you say hello to her?


Why is в silent in Здравствуй?


Best I can tell it's so close to the с that it's hard to make out.


whats the difference between здравствуй(те), алло, and привет?


So question, when do i use each different term for hello because there is so many to keep track of. (The words in question are) Привет, Алло, Здравствуй, and Здравствуйте. When should i use each one? Will give 6 lingots to whomever can answer this first


I know this is really late, but Привет is your standard hello when greeting friends. Алло is when you answer the phone. This is very common in other languages as well (IE. Spanish, you say Alo instead of Hola when answering phone). Use Здравствуйте as the most formal with people you would address as Вы. Здравствуй and Привет are both for people you address with Ты, but Привет is the most commonly used one. This is my understanding. I'm not a native speaker


couldn’t they have thought of a more complicated word?


Apparently they don't pronounce the first v

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